Does your holiday park remain open between November and March? 


With winter fully upon us, we’re interested to know how many of have access to your holiday park between now and March.

A growing number of parks keep their doors open over the winter period, but is yours one of them?

Does your holiday park remain open between November and March? 

If you are able to stay on in your static caravan or lodge over the next five or so months, what’s the best thing about having a winter retreat at your fingertips?

Cast your vote now by choosing one of the options to the left and remember to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

We’ll announce the results and publish some of our favourite comments next month.

Remember, when leaving your caravan or lodge unoccupied this winter, to ensure you have taken caravan winterisation steps to prevent burst pipes.


15 comments on “Does your holiday park remain open between November and March? 

  1. My caravan park closes from 31Oct – 1st March. They only open week days during the closed period. Therefore, people like myself that work full time cannot visit their caravans to check for any damages. One summer a mouse found it’s way into our caravan, luckily for us it must have only got in there a day or so before we went down at the weekend. If something like this happen during the winter months I hate to think of the damage that would be caused. Just one reason why I think sites should allow residents on site during shut down periods. One Saturday a month would be better than nothing.

    1. That’s a great point Barbara, thanks for getting in touch. At least you caught the mouse early on!

  2. Our park is Martin Mere Blackpool and although the park is closed from 1st December to 1st March I believe you can go onto the site during the day but you have to leave by 5pm. I would love to find a site where you can stay in your caravan all year long

  3. Our site is closed for the month of February , and we have recently been told we will all not be allowed to return until the 1st March, which is not acceptable as anything could happen to the vans in that time! Also we have found that they are ripping people off over the electric cards which is disgusting!

  4. would be nice to go to our caravan at Ingoldmells during part of the winter period,lovely nto walk on the beech with the dog,albeit brisk and cold,its so refreshing and abreak from home around the christmas and new year mayhem!!

  5. Our park closes from November 30 to March 1 each year and on asking for the site to remain open during festive season we were told that this was impossible due to our extreme weather in Scotland!!

  6. Our shuts for one month which is January as its classed as a holiday park. Rest of the year we live there.

  7. We are at the Ranch Holiday Park in Ayrshire which only closes for the month of February. A great park which is well maintained by the owners.

  8. ours Nettleton Park) does not stay open and I would not want it to be. Once the clocks go back we are off until spring

  9. our first year as a static owner. we are at Sutton Springs on the east coast and our site doesn’t shut till Jan 5th and reopens on March 1st. we have just come back from a very bracing couple of days. lovely contrast to the summer months. we will be going over again in a couple of weeks and we only have a summer van but loving it.

  10. Hi,
    Could you tell me please if we are allowed to check our vans during the closed season?
    I have been told the council can revoke the sites license if we do a check for damage etc
    Thank You

    1. Hi Dee,
      When our Business Development Managers conduct park visits in the closed season, arks seem to have different stances. In some rare occasions customers have been on park checking their unit, but they can’t sleep there if the park is officially closed. In most cases, the park is closed and locked up and no customers are present. We’d suggest speaking to your park to understand what their terms are on attending during the winter/closed season. Hope this helps?

  11. I’m a park manager and we close jan 15th to march 1st and our owners can come on daily between 10am and 1pm

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