Have you ever made a claim for static caravan or lodge insurance?


Making a claim on your static caravan insurance isn’t something you can prepare for, but if something does go wrong it’s comforting to know that your policy has it covered.


Generally speaking, static caravans and lodges are not as robust as a bricks and mortar homes and are therefore more susceptible to damage from extreme weather such as storm, flood and freezing conditions. In certain cases units can be destroyed and written off, which is why specialist insurance cover features such as; debris removal of the damaged caravan, re-connection and resitting of a new caravan, ground rent to reimburse site fees for the period you are left without access to your caravan, and even new for old cover, can come in very hand indeed.

Also with many units left unoccupied for much of the year, they can be targeted by thieves who break in to steal contents.

This month we’re keen to hear about your claims stories. Have you ever made a claim on a static caravan or holiday lodge insurance policy? To cast your vote, simply choose from the claim options to the left.

And don’t forget to tell us more about the claim in the comments box below.



6 comments on “Have you ever made a claim for static caravan or lodge insurance?

  1. The only claim we have made was via the Park operators insurance when in the closed season they carried out tree maintenance and ended up damaging a panel on the caravan. Due to the age of the unit, the panel had to be repaired by a car type dent repair due to manufacturer no longer existed (Cosalt) but must admit you would be hard pushed to find where it was repaired if you didn’t know.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Eddy, at least everything was sorted relatively easily and repairs we done to a high standard.

      Many thanks


  2. No,we have not made a claim in 4 yrs.We are in a very well run park,which is a big bonus.But we would like to know,if there is a firm some where out there,who does independent inspections,on caravans,to determine,the quality of workmanship,and materials used,are legal.

    1. Hi John.

      Could you tell me what park you’re on? I’ll see if we know anyone there that could help you. It’s very much dependent on what you want looking at. i.e. decking, boiler installation, caravan general maintenance.

      Many thanks

  3. Disappointed with the onesided view of the assessor who was definately had a onesided view in favour of the insurance company. Very little help with my claim from the brokers customer service. I had to do all the chasing in order to bring .about a decision and settlement.

    1. Hi Frank – not sure what you mean as no one has mentioned one insurer specifically? Can I ask who you’re covered with?

      Thanks Lucie

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