What will you buy for your static caravan in 2021?

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Well, what a year it’s been, with many of you not being able to enjoy as much time as you would have liked at your static caravan or holiday lodge.

If winter caravanning is off the agenda this year, perhaps you can enjoy planning your 2021 visits and maybe buying something new for your pride and joy?

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know what your next big purchase for your holiday caravan is going to be? Are you thinking of some new decking, or some outdoor furniture or maybe a new TV or lighting? Or is your static caravan in need of some internal or exterior refurbishments?

double glazing in static

Let us know by answering this month’s poll question here.

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What will be your next big purchase for your holiday caravan?

We’ll bring you the top buying results in January 2021 and may be some guides to some of the more popular purchases.

And, as always feel free to explain more about your 2021 buying plans in the comments box below.

16 comments on “What will you buy for your static caravan in 2021?

  1. Going to get the Flow drain down system fitted, so can do it ourselves rather than pay the park to do it each time

  2. We need a new storage shed. The existing one was damaged earlier this year. It has been repaired. The various lockdowns have prevented a complete replacement.

  3. After experiencing our first year of static home luxury and the ‘joy’ of washing up together (team building! ) we’ve decided to add a dish washer for 2021. Can’t wait !!

  4. We will be updating some of the light fittings and replacing a radiator in the bathroom with a heated towel rail.

  5. Won’t be updating or buying anything as the excessive annual fees are more than enough to pay each year especially after not getting any reduction for three months loss of use in 2020.

  6. seeing your picture of storage units, both our site & my brothers site only allow cream units (new rule.) He only purchased new unit last year (£700) and has been told that new rules mean he has to replace it.

  7. maureen says may be up date cooker. extra radiator in bedroom or replace the single for a double as it gets quite cold in there as it is quite a large double bedroom

  8. A new cooker and shower. We bought this caravan second hand and both are not working properly and went wrong when the guarantee ran out.

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