Guide to static caravan vacuum cleaners

You’ll want a vacuum cleaner in your static caravan or holiday lodge if you want to keep it clean and crumb-free. Here we take a look at what to look for when buying a vacuum and review three keenly priced models.

Caravan vacuum cleaners

Holidaying in your caravan or lodge will mean dust and dirt will begin to accumulate, especially if you have children and love holidaying with pets. Although a sweeping brush and dustpan and brush is a great start, a vacuum cleaner will make light work of keeping everything spick and span.

Keeping on top of cleaning will help to prevent any unwanted visitors like vermin and will also help when it comes to selling on. Remember the smallest bits of food could attract insects or vermin

Luckily, there are plenty of compact and cordless vacuum cleaners which are great for keeping in your holiday caravan, particularly when storage space might be at a premium.

Here’s our mini guide to cleaning up!

Tips for choosing and using static caravan vacuum cleaners

  • Choose a vacuum cleaner that you can store away easily in your caravan
  • The power rating (usually in watts for corded vacuums or volts for cordless vacuums) will give an indication of the amount of suction you’re going to get from your vacuum cleaner
  • Choose a cleaner which can negotiate tight spaces in a static caravan, such as one with a swivel head
  • Also, look for cleaners with a crevice tool so you can get into the corners of floors and walls, particularly in the kitchen and dining areas, as well as any fixed seating
  • Use a dustpan and brush and dustpan to sweep up any crumbs and muck on hard floors before vacuuming and dust and clean surfaces first
  • Vacuum floors in all directions and slow movement of your vacuum cleaner is also more effective at picking up dust and fibres
  • Use the crevice tool to get into the corners of floors and walls, particularly in the kitchen and dining areas
  • Empty your static caravan vacuum cleaner’s collection bin or bag as often as possible for maximum suction
  • Keep on top of cleaning by vacuuming every few days and definitely at the end of your stay in your holiday caravan and when preparing your caravan for winter

caravan vacuum cleaners

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This compact cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for both carpet and hard floors, so great for cleaning all around your holiday caravan.

Vax says the ONEPWR Pace has the cleaning performance of all the UK’s best-selling corded uprights. The floorhead has an optimum working speed of 4,500rpm.

It uses Vax’s removable 4.0Ah ONEPWR battery for its power, and there’s a run time of up to 40 minutes between charges – plenty of time to clean a large static caravan or lodge. When the battery life runs low it takes just three hours to charge.

There’s also an integrated QuickClean tool for flexible cleaning and included with the vac is a wall mount, 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush, battery charger and battery pack.

Key features Twin Helix Brushbar, removable bin, boost mode, three-year guarantee, 18 volts

Expect to pay £159.99


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Shark Lightweight 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

This lightweight cordless cleaner is perfect for quick clean-ups and the floorhead has Shark’s Anti-Hair wrap technology, keeping it tangle-free.

It can quickly transform from its upright floor mode to handheld mode for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of your caravan, such as ceilings, light fittings, or behind furniture. And with two handy attachments, you can use the crevice tool to clean between sofa cushions, behind radiators and other tricky areas. Plus it’s slim design makes it easy to get underneath dining chairs etc.

The battery is always charging when stored on its base and has a run time of 16 minutes

Key features Two-year guarantee, two power modes, suitable for carpets and hard floors, 11.1 volts

Expect to pay £199.99


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Dyson Small Ball Allergy

The lightweight Dyson Small ball is very manoeuvrable and has a small flat head for getting under beds, tables and chairs. With a switch of a button you can turn off the rollers when moving from carpet in your caravan lounge to a hard floor in the kitchen. It’s compact too for easy storage.

This vacuum cleaner comes with four heads for getting into all those nooks and crannies in your caravan, with a mattress tool and soft dusting brush. At 6.9kg it’s lightweight but still packs a punch in terms of suction.

Dyson claims the Small Ball is 40% quieter than its DC40 model too and with a cord length of 9.4 m and a maximum reach of 13.8m you’ll be able to get across your static caravan with ease.

Key features Two washable filters, 90AW of suction power, high reach wand, 700 watts

Expect to pay £229.99


Over to you…

Got any advice on static caravan vacuum cleaners that you’d like to pass on to other owners? Please feel free to add a comment below.

3 comments on “Guide to static caravan vacuum cleaners

  1. I highly recommend the Hoover H-Free cordless vacuum for your caravan. It costs around £ 100 or £ 118 for the pet version. We have the far more expensive Shark cordless and the Hoover literally wipes the floor with it. In hindsight, I would have one of them at home.

  2. I Bought a Silver Crest Stick Vac from Lidl. I also have a Dyson V7 Stick Vac at home.
    The Silver Crest is perfect for our Willerby Manor and just as good as the Dyson

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