Poll: Name your top caravan holiday activity

We know static caravanners and lodge owners like to go on holiday for many different reasons. For some it’s time to relax and unwind but for others it’s an opportunity to try out a new holiday activity or go out and explore the great outdoors.

In our new community poll we’d like to know which activity you’ve enjoyed the most this holiday season. We’ve listed a few to get you started but feel free to add your top holiday activity by selecting the other option.

We know from an earlier accessory poll that many of you like to relax with a book, watch TV or spend time with your family pet, so we’ve added dog walking, reading and relaxing to the list.

Wet weather walk

As always, feel free to add why you’ve voted for a particular activity in the comments box below.

We’ll report back the results later this month.

6 comments on “Poll: Name your top caravan holiday activity

  1. Just relaxing and walking in the peaceful surroundings of our caravan park in Roseneath. And when it’s wet outside Being cosy inside doing a spot of drawing and painting Just love it.

  2. Just love being able to potter in the garden at my caravan, enjoying dry sunny weather. Such a joy compared to the damp grey conditions I frequently have to put up with at home

  3. Walking in the Yorkshire Dales, from our van in Swaledale. It’s a whole new world from our home in Suffolk – no hills there!

  4. Hi we have a static at sands of luce near Stranraer just great to get away from the daily hassle plenty to do in the area cheers Andy

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