Do you hire out your static caravan or holiday lodge?


Summer is the time when most of you get to enjoy your home away from home but what happens when you’ve not got the chance to visit? Could your empty holiday caravan earn you some money?


Do you hire out your static caravan or holiday lodge?

We’re interested to find out whether you want to generate income from your static caravan or holiday lodge investment, or if you prefer to keep your holiday caravan all to yourself.

Have you successfully let out your holiday caravan? Have you had a bad experience of letting out your holiday caravan? Do you worry about the potential damage strangers could cause if you hired out?

Vote now in this month’s poll and share your views in the comment box below!


2 comments on “Do you hire out your static caravan or holiday lodge?

  1. Would be very interested in letting out my lodge for just three or four weeks each year as this would take the edge off site fees. However site does not allow it. Would want the site to manage this for me. I think they are missing an opportunity for extra income whilst keeping site fees down for owners.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch. We understand that they’re are people out there looking for a slice of extra income but as in your case, it is very much the park’s decision. Thanks for voting!


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