Holiday caravan winter warmers!

Holiday caravans can get pretty chilly in the winter months so there’s nothing like a bit of extra heating to warm things up.

Our latest poll results revealed that more than half of voters have extra heating in their caravan in winter – often supplementing their central heating.

Here are the heating results…

In October, we asked if you have extra heating in your caravan in winter and the results show that many people do use extra heating, with 53 per cent of the votes.

The most popular source of extra heating was oil-filled radiators, but electric or fan heaters were also commonly used to take the chill off the bedroom in the evenings and mornings, as well as electric blankets to make beds extra snuggly! Some owners also told us they used a gas heater and Yorkshireman Terry Haldenby has added extra insulation under the floor.

But just over a fifth of voters (22 per cent) said they didn’t have any extra heating in their holiday caravan. Ten per cent said they used extra blankets to cope with the colder temperatures and eight per cent used a hot water bottle.

Heated blanket

Seven per cent of voters said they were considering extra heating for their static caravan.

Here’s what some of you had to say…

Oil-filled radiators flooded the comments box as the main source of extra heating – with some owners saying that they used them alongside their central heating system.

Patricia Robinson and Neil Macpherson use electric heaters when it gets cold as they said the central heating used up too much of the bottled gas.

“We have a portable fan heater in the bedroom, plus an electric blanket in bed – cosy!” added Patricia. “Only use central heating for an hour in the morning to get up, and an hour at night before jumping into bed.”

Brenda Agnes Flisher commented: “We have central heating supplemented with a 2kw fan heater. Toastie!”

Paul Clark has the heating on which keeps the lounge is warm but the bedrooms are still cold: “So, we put an oil-filled radiator on in our bedroom for an hour before we go to bed,” he commented.

J said: “We use two oil heaters, one in the main bedroom and one in the lounge to supplement our warm air heating. On arriving on a Friday night we pop hot water bottles in the bed, fire up the heating and decamp to the local hostelry for an hour!”

Phil Williams has Hive installed in his caravan so it’s nice and warm for when he arrives!

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  1. First winter in swift whistler lodge I love it
    too bits
    but as fire in lounge is for show only I need extra heating it’s a big room to warm up with just 2 radiators a working fire would of made it complete
    Just entered your competition so a oil radiator would be a lovely win x

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