Window safety and privacy film for your holiday caravan

Modern static caravans can have plenty of windows, which can sometimes be seen as a weak point when it comes to safety, strong sunlight and nosey neighbours!

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In the summer months, large panes of glass can make a holiday caravan unbearably hot and cause furniture and carpets to fade quickly.

Here we take a look at a specialist safety, privacy and heat reduction film, which when applied to holiday caravan windows can help to not only make the glass difficult to break but can also help with heat control and give you extra privacy from nosey neighbours or passers-by on your holiday park!

What is window safety and privacy film?

We spoke to Karen Mason at Advanced Window Coatings who explained that their window film can be applied to existing caravan windows to instantly strengthen the glass. The mirrored finish also offers fantastic privacy from prying eyes and has solar control properties to reduce the heat from strong sunlight.

Window safety and security stickers

Once applied, the safety film works by placing an extra barrier on the glass, making it harder to break – acting as a deterrent to potential intruders and helping to protect windows from accidental breakage. Its anti-shatter properties also means windows with the film applied break safely, as it holds the broken pieces in place, rather than them falling from the window frame in jagged pieces – helping to keep you and your family, or visitors, safe from the potential dangers of shattered glass.

Here at Leisuredays, we do deal with static caravan insurance claims for smashed windows – and sometimes the object which has smashed the glass also causes further damage inside the caravan, so a protective window film could help to prevent this extra damage.

Window safety and security films are available in a range of thicknesses and finishes, with the most popular privacy film offering a mirrored effect from the outside but not spoiling any view looking out.

Window safety and security stickers

Karen told us the window film was proving to be popular with static caravan and park home owners to help keep temperatures down in the summer months, particularly if pets are left in their holiday homes during the day.

“Many caravans have large glazed fronts and the film not only reduces the solar heat in summer but also reduces the bleaching effect of the sun on carpets and furniture,” she said. “In winter it also reduces the amount of heat escaping from the glass, as it’s fitted to the inside of the windowpane, and feels warm to the touch on a sunny winter day.”

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  1. Fitted this to my static this year, kept van about 10 degrees cooler in summer, also gives privacy, got mirrored film from eBay took less than day to fit to every window and door, well worth it and not expensive.

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