Poll: How far do you travel to your holiday park?

You’ve found your dream holiday park location for your static caravan or lodge holidays – but how far are you prepared to travel from home to your holiday park?

Do you want to stay fairly close to home so you can quickly pack your bags on a Friday and enjoy lots of weekend breaks away – or do you want to make a long road trip to the coast or countryside for a week (or more) at a time?

Coastal holiday park - travel poll

In this month’s community poll we’d like to know how far you travel to your holiday park?

We’ve broken down the options into around 50 mile chunks to see how far people are prepared to go to enjoy their Great British holiday.

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How often have you used your static caravan or lodge this season?

Let us know why you either travel the long or short distances in the comments box below.

We’ll report back the results in late October.

52 comments on “Poll: How far do you travel to your holiday park?

  1. We would, ideally have preferred something closer but we liked the caravan park and the surrounding area of Beeston Regis/Sheringham better than other places closer by.

  2. We live in the Netherlands and have a holiday home in lancashire, close to our favorite area in England – the lakes

  3. Our home and business are in Bedfordshire and after much searching we found our perfect static caravan and park in Kent.
    It’s 120 miles (approx 2 hours) to get there but it’s worth it and if we’d bought a holiday home in France or Spain we’d be a minimum of 4 hours in airports and travelling.

  4. We travel 72 miles to this headland it’s easy to get to and relaxing just the way we like it, plus we can travel up or down the coast easily. We are still in Yorkshire that’s the best county for us. Gone are the days of waiting in airports just relax in Yorkshire.

  5. We have statics on Gower since 1986 when retired. Usually manage about 10 weeks residency during Summers travelling from Cheshire. The result is better health and family are hooked on the place as well

  6. We travel about 80 miles to our static on cardigan bay. The journey takes 2hrs, but it’s through beautiful Wales and the journey is part of the holiday.

  7. We love Somerset and are very happy to travel down to our static van from our home in Nottingham. The M42 and M5 can each be a pain but it is worth it to get down to the Somerset coast and relax. It’s what we bought the static for.

  8. We have friends in Newquay Cornwall and live in Paignton Devon. The drive between the two places is an ideal distance for weekend brakes. With no traffic problems it’s a 2 hour easy drive to get to our mobile home.

  9. We travel 65 miles to the south lakes. It normally takes 65 minutes in the evening. Perfect for finishing work having your tea then setting off and be at the caravan for 8pm then you have the whole of the following day to go at.

  10. We chose Wooler as it’s a lovely country village yet there are plenty of restaurants and pubs within walking distance of the park

  11. We travel 233 miles from Liverpool to beautiful portpatrick. It’s a bit of a hike but is well worth the effort to reach our caravan on sunnymeade caravan park.

  12. We travel from Cambridge to Argyle a round trip of 800 miles. We never go fo less than 3 weeks , this year we have spent 21 weeks in the van. Been doing it for 39 years.

  13. One of the main criteria for choosing our Park was the ability to get there by car in under 2 hours otherwise a weekend away gets lost to travelling

  14. we travel 84 miles from north midlands to Corwen north wales on a friday night leaving at 10-15pm when my wife has finished work so we have all the week end away from the rat-race. We have a static caravan there /no entertainment or noise on site(wich we love) just the sound of sheep and cows in the morning to wake you up(MAGIC) .Both of us just retiring so will get more use next year

  15. Found a good site 5 1/2 years ago on Anglesey. Just what we wanted and only 2 hours door to door. Very fair site fee’s and friendly staff. Site is always in good condition and nothing is too much trouble when requested.

  16. We love Hunters Quay it takes us around one hour fifteen minutes to get there and its peaceful

  17. We travel around 50 miles from Warrington to Lytham; its a journey we typically make on a Friday and so do sometimes compete with Blackpool and Lakes traffic but it generally takes one hour, door to door. This replaced a 2 1/2 hour journey to the East Coast in Yorkshire – we loved the site and the town, the journey on the M62 however killed the fun eventually.

    In Lytham we have a great town – lots of local events, great pubs and restaurants and friendly people in a picturesque location with the ‘prom’ facing out to the Ribble Estuary. If we do want ‘seaside’, Blackpool is a short journey away, South Lakes, Yorkshire, Forrest of Bowland etc. are all within easy reach.

  18. Mostly go for longer than weekend,have spent most of season this year at Arisaig , about 3hrs from home but worth it.

  19. Have travelled to a Haulfryn Holiday Park in Abersoch for over 40 years … it is about 170 miles from our home in North Yorkshire ( previously Ribble Valley ) but would not change it for anything! Try to pick our travelling days / times to avoid busy times on M6 & M 56.

  20. Our caravan is situated in the New Forest at Hoburne Bashley. It takes us between 5 1/2 to 8 hours from North Yorkshire to get there,depending on traffic.The site is great,plenty of facilities,and the surrounding area is fantastic,with many interesting places to visit. Weather is a little warmer to.

  21. Love Ashby Park in Lincolnshire – only approx 25 miles away but far enough away to feel on holiday, near enough to get home should we need to.

  22. Although it’s a 200 mile drive to our caravan in Cornwall it’s our little piece of paradise . The peace and tranquility we get there is worth the drive . We’ve even done it for just one night

  23. We do not drive, but get train or bus to Hexham, then taxi 5 -10 min up steep hill to Park. Takes about 1 hour.

  24. It is a relaxing 54 miles to our static caravan near St Andrews, in Fife. Lovely location in a beautiful area. Who could ask for more? My spouse and I try to get there as often as possible.

  25. I travel from Castleside, Co Durham to my holiday home just outside Shrewsbury. 2 reasons a) I love Shropshire and b) my daughter lives down there. 440 miles round trip.

  26. I travel 600 miles to just north of Inverness, where it’s quiet and peaceful with lovely clean air. Also, it is the part of Scotland that my husband and I always liked best. Lots of nice country walks from easy to more challenging.

  27. We love our static, but not the travelling to and fro. The main reason being the muppets who insist at ravelling at 40 mph or less on 60mph roads. I had to follow a local yokel who was doing between 27 and 35 on a 50mph road and then was braking when coming up to a bend!! On a normal clear run (without breaking any laws) it takes me between 2hrs 10 mins and 2hrs 25mins. When I’m stuck behind the yokels it has been known to take me over 3hrs.no joke when your disabled as I am. Never see them being pulled for dangerous driving, and yes it is an offence to drive more than 10 miles per hour under the displayed limit.

  28. We have a lodge in Pooley Bridge, overlooking Ullswater. We travel 265 miles from Buckinghamshire. We are retired so not tied to the weekend and we normally travel in the evening as the traffic is lighter. A good run is four hours, and it is well worth it to wake up in the morning to the wonderful views.

  29. We have a static in snowdonia national park, it takes 2hrs 45 mins but it was the best park we found so worth the journey. We go late on friday night and spend every other weekend there
    The park is in woodland so good for dog walking.

  30. My wife and I stay 8 miles from Glasgow.Travel to the Scottish Highlands Inverness,3hours travel.Worth it to relax in the tranquility and beauty surrounding the capital of our Highlands.We go every 2nd weekend and summer holidays.

  31. we found a really good park Craigtoun Meadows, just outside St Andrews, Scotland, close to the HOME OF GOLF. the Old Course is only about 3 miles from the park.
    It was ideal in every way. I live in Staffordshire, but the return journey of 680miles is worth it.

  32. I live and work in Birmingham, I’d go stir crazy if I couldn’t get to the country side on my weekends .

  33. Our caravan is at tunstall. Near withernsea. East Yorkshire. Just 17miles away from where we live.its good to get away,another world not far wonder fall☺☺

  34. Our caravan at New Romney Kent only 40 min drive away, so we can pop down easily throughout the year and still get home quickly through country lanes. No motorway in sight!

  35. We had been visiting and staying in the area for many years, both in vans (and cottages in winter), so decided to take the plunge and go for our own van. Never looked back, the site is fairly small and very quiet, all vans have ‘own space’ so can enjoy private area with semi permanent outside furniture, with lovely views. It our very own perfect ‘stress relief’ getaway, there whenever we want some real relaxation time. Travel from home around 3 hours, so easy enough to travel there with no real prior plan.

  36. We travel 232 miles from home in Stafford to our static by the sea in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. It’s a lovely area and the people are very friendly. The M6 is a pain at times with roadworks etc but once past the Manchester area we can begin to relax and enjoy the rest of the journey and some stunning scenery which we never tire of.

  37. Visited every darn site between Newcastle upon Tyne and Stranraer – but no others ticked our boxes as much as Sands of Luce Holiday Park, which my husband has been coming to since 1976 (when he was a wee lad). It’s a round trip of 352 miles, but we still do 2 or 3 weekends in 4 plus all the school holidays (he’s a teacher and we have a daughter at Primary School) – even in winter!
    The 3 hours in the car on a Friday after school are all part of the weekend, and offer us uninterrupted quality time to catch up after a busy week for both of us (DD is usually engrossed in a book or a film). Then it’s kick off the shoes, open a bottle of wine, and watch our DD disappear to see which of her friends are up that weekend… And it sits on the most beautiful 8 mile beach – paradise, even in the howling gales and rain

  38. We travel 250 miles from Leeds to our static on the edge of Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire. We absolutely love it, it feels like a holiday every time we go.We’ve had a static on Saundersfoot Bay Leisure Park since our eldest was 4, he’s 24 this year. It’s wonderful to escape from city life, to the beautiful coast and countryside of Pembrokeshire, we couldn’t imagine life without it.

  39. we live in durham and travel to the caravan in callander on a 2wk up and a2wk down rota for the 8month season

  40. We live in the Northern Lakes near to Cockermouth. Our static caravan is in Ravenglass on a lovely dog friendly site. Only 50 mins from our home but in another beautiful and undiscovered part of Cumbria looking over the bay, heavenly and peaceful too! A special place to be. Easy to get to so go quite regularly.

  41. We travel 1500 miles to get away from the heat of Spain in the summer and enjoy the comfortable weather and lovely area of Lowestoft for the summer

  42. We are just an hours drive away. Just enough to feel away from it all and not a long drive at all. 59mins from door to door. To Roseneath castle isle park. It’s just lovely up there. So tranquil. So glad we bought a van there.

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