How have you drained down your static caravan?

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Draining down your static caravan or holiday lodge is a must during the winter months to prevent things like frozen and burst pipes.

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It’s also a condition of your static caravan insurance policy with Leisuredays to drain down from November 1st to March 15th to protect your holiday caravan from damage and to make sure you’re fully covered, when it’s left unoccupied.

In our new community poll, we’d like to know how you’ve drained down your holiday caravan when you leave it unoccupied overnight or when closing up for winter.

Do you do it yourself, get the park to arrange it, or do you call in the experts? Vote by clicking one of the options below and if your chosen method of draining down is not listed then simply comment in the box below.

We’ll report back the results in January 2024.

And if you’re unsure of what to do then check out our handy video which explains the importance of draining down your static caravan in winter and goes through the steps to take.


12 comments on “How have you drained down your static caravan?

  1. Pluming company who I have used for 40 years. Let me down saying they were too busy and couldn’t drain the caravan down. So followed leisure day vidio and done it myself. Won’t be using the plumbing company again.

    1. Used as company 1st time..cctv caught him ..took 10 mins to drain down and 2 mins to reconnect!!! Surely not done correctly ???

  2. When I bought our caravan new in 2015 I thought I should get an experienced plumber to drain down for me. Kept that for a couple of years but when I realised what was involved to prevent winter freezing, I believed I could do the job. I did, and it was all fine. I have done that each year since – even today for the closure of 2023.

  3. I drain down every year myself, start with turning the water off, take drain taps off from underneath the caravan, turn all taps on inside the caravan, flush the toilet then put antifreeze in systern and toilet and all sinks and shower, cover boiler with old bed quilt after taking a small nipple off to allow any water to escape.

  4. Have owned static caravans for approx 45 years and have always done my own drain downs.

  5. we had a drain down flow professionallyinstalled after we urchased the caravan so can drain down wheneverwe need to.

  6. For £65 it’s so easy for the park to drain it down and then reconnect everything in march, plus if something goes wrong it’s the parks fault and and I am covered by the insurance company

  7. After the caravan has drained “Naturally” I connect a simple adapter I have made up & use a car tyre compressor to blow out the remaining water, this I believe is important as the shower appears to have “Non return” valves fitted which will impede free drainage, plus the usual antifreeze etc. This takes less than half an hour to do, the site charges £95 for less than this & will not take responsibility!!!

  8. I installed the Floe 868 drain down system. My park is open 11.5 months so I still use it in winter. The Floe allows me to drain down as many times as I like. My park wants £170.

  9. After last year the park arranged for the drain down and it couldn’t be done as all their equipment had frozen.So we had floe system installed by a professional and now do the drain down ourselves.

  10. I have been doing this for a holiday home in Scotland for many years: the static caravan is a little different but the principle is the same. I never seem to get much water out with the compressor.

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