Top 10 tips for winter caravanning

Snow and cold weather might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect winter break. But if your park is open for some of the winter months it’s a great way to spend some quiet time away in your static caravan or holiday lodge.

static caravan park in winter

Some parks are even open over the Christmas and New Year period so why not dig out the trimmings and decorate your static caravan as well as enjoy some quality time with the family. It can be a very special experience, and for children, winter caravanning is an incredible adventure, with the great outdoors to explore and enjoy.

Winter caravanning is also a great way to keep a check on your static or lodge and to keep things ticking over as well as helping to prevent a build-up of things like condensation and damp.

Here we share a few winter static caravanning tips…

1. Is your park open?
Do check that your park is open and for how long. Many close in January to carry out essential works or some might be open but the on-site entertainment or shop facilities might be closed down or scaled back.

2. Is your caravan suitable for winter use?

Any caravans or lodges built to BS3632 residential standard should provide enough insulation to make sure the caravan retains heat well even during cold weather. However, if your caravan is not built to this standard (most static caravans are likely to be built to EN1647 standard), central heating and double glazed windows will make a large difference to your comfort in colder temperatures. Consider investing in some moisture traps to soak up any additional moisture created inside the caravan.

3. Check the heating

A properly working heating system is vital, so make sure you have your heating system tested annually so everything’s in good working order. Speak to your park who should be able to recommend a suitably qualified tradesman.

annual boiler check

4. Pack those winter essentials

Make sure you have plenty of warm and waterproof clothing, ready for any kind of weather. Base layer clothing is a great way of keeping warm and is nice and lightweight, as well as quick drying. You might also want to pack a sledge if snow is forecast!

Stock up with plenty of food supplies in case the weather does take a turn for the worst. A slow cooker is a great way of making warming stews whilst you go out and explore, or tinned soups and pasta, can all be heated or rustled up very quickly.

Having some emergency bottles of water will make sure you don’t get caught out should the temperatures plummet and cause problems to the water supply.

Don’t forget some extra blankets for snuggling up in front of the TV in the evening or for that extra layer of warmth on your bed. A hot water bottle is always a great way to warm up the bed before you settle down for the night!

5. Keep a check on the weather

Keep a close eye on the weather and stock up on more essentials if needed or think about preparing your route back home, particularly if your park is near the coast or river. The Environment Agency website provides regular updates on flood warnings and other weather risks.

flooding at static caravan park

6. Insulate the pipes

If you have any exposed pipework underneath, or on the side of your caravan, make sure they’re lagged to prevent them from freezing and possibly bursting.

7. Your favourite games

Don’t forget to pack your favourite games ready for those long dark nights. A pack of cards is always a great way of keeping everyone entertained, as well as board games and quizzes. Be prepared for games without access to the internet!

Playing cards travel game

8. Don’t forget the broom

If you do experience heavy snowfall when on our winter holidays make sure you have a long handled broom or brush to sweep it from your caravan’s roof. If left for too long, snow can cause damage to the roof – especially if your caravan is an older model with a flat roof.

9. Winter tyres

For travelling to your park and exploring the area, winter tyres for your car are a good investment for better traction and fuel economy.

10. Draining down
Finally, before you leave your static caravan unoccupied, don’t forget to drain down before you leave by making sure the water has been turned off at the stopcock, all taps and showers are turned on and left open; and toilets are flushed, making sure all water is drained from the cistern. For Leisuredays’ insurance policyholders your holiday caravan must be drained down from November 1st to March 15th whenever it’s unoccupied for their insurance cover to remain in force. Policy conditions vary dependent on whether your park is open and closed so policyholders should check out our winter weather guidelines.

Did you know? For a month before and after a religious celebration like Christmas, our policy automatically increases contents cover by up to £2500 to take account of any presents you might have in the caravan. The same applies when anyone in your close family is celebrating a birthday whilst using the caravan. Another great benefit of our Defaqto 5 Star rated policy.

Draining down_opening taps

Over to you…

Got any tips on winter caravanning to share? Let us know about your winter static caravan holiday adventures in the comments box below.

3 comments on “Top 10 tips for winter caravanning

  1. The professional way to shut down your static caravan is
    Shut off the main stop cock disconnect the inlet pipe to the caravan
    Go to the furthest away sink blow out the cold tap then the hot tap
    Flush the toilet clean any water out of the cistern
    Go to the shower room and do the same there also disconnect the shower head and leave in the shower tray and on to the kitchen sink and carry out the same procedure there
    And finally go round all the toilet bowl’s and pour some anti freeze in
    You will now have a fully drained static caravan.

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