How important is the brand or make of your static caravan or lodge?


Manufacturers spend thousands promoting their holiday caravans to prospective buyers.

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In this month’s community poll we want to know “How important is the brand or make of your static caravan or lodge when choosing your next holiday unit?”

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4 comments on “How important is the brand or make of your static caravan or lodge?

  1. Why do static caravans not have Pod type features? Once delivered a Pod could make a bedroom or bathroom bigger! Be the first to install because the only thing that limits the size is transportation but with a pod that could be overcome.
    Having Pods in static caravans would enable them to be larger after delivery or once they have been removed from the trailer because the caravan would not be restricted to size, eg main bedroom could be made larger with a pod and others with imagination.

    1. Hi Grahame
      Here’s what Swift Leisure had to say:
      “This is an interesting concept however, for us as a manufacturer our customers do not tend to request this type of option. At UK holiday parks, space appears to be at a premium therefore static caravans tend to be located together with little room for expansion. We do see a demand for larger holiday homes/caravans and we currently have a range of models at various sizes to meet the majority of people’s needs, although we appreciate that it may not accommodate everyone.”
      If you want to raise with Swift you can always go through Swift Talk:

  2. My husband said he can remember staying in a static caravan where the end bedroom was folded in on the main body and you could retract it when the caravan had to be moved

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