Do you test your Carbon Monoxide alarm regularly? Let’s find out

Following last month’s report on the risks of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, we were interested to find out how often you test the alarm in your static caravan or lodge.

Fitting a Carbon Monoxide alarm is one of the easiest ways to protect against the deadly gas, so it’s no surprise that most new models come with an alarm or detector fitted as standard.

We gave you five options to choose from for this one, and now it’s time to reveal how you voted.

The results are in…

Do the majority of people test their Carbon Monoxide alarm regularly?

It’s great to see that most of you are extra cautious when it comes to checking your alarm; a whopping 52% check once a month and 28% once every six months.

3% of you told us you check your alarm annually, but worryingly 7% admitted to having never tested their alarm.

Even more concerning, 10% of voters admitted to not having an alarm, or to not knowing if they had one fitted. If this is you, our guide has details on how to book a Gas Safe engineer.

Remember, fitting a Carbon Monoxide alarm is a reactive measure; the proactive approach is to get your gas appliances checked annually by a Gas Safe engineer.

You should replace the battery in your alarm annually and replace the whole unit every 5 years.

2 comments on “Do you test your Carbon Monoxide alarm regularly? Let’s find out

  1. Our carbon monoxide detector was service by British Gas this week on our Annual Service The engineer told us the law now states Park Homes must now have two detectors fitted. He sold us another at a cost cost of £30. Is this correct

    1. Since 2005, NCC member manufacturers have been fitting two Type B [audible and visual] carbon monoxide alarms that comply with BSEN50291:2001 and BSEN50292:2002 in their homes. Note: these alarms need regularly replacing – check on the alarm for its expiry date.
      If your home was built before that, the NCC recommends at least one alarm that complies with the above standards.

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