Should new statics and lodges come unfurnished? Vote now!


When purchasing a shiny new static caravan or lodge, would you prefer it to come pre-furnished or not? That’s the question we’re asking in this month’s online poll as seen in the left hand column of this page.

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For many years permanently fixed furniture has been feature of newly released models, and in the majority of cases, the value of such furniture is inclusive in the unit’s retail price.

Typically, fixed furnishings include items such as tables, chairs, units, sofas and even beds; and although you would struggle to find new unit that didn’t have such items built in a¬†few years ago, we’re beginning to see manufacturers move away from this style of furnishing.

Should new statics and lodges come pre-furnished? Vote now!

It has become increasingly common to find free standing furniture in new units. There’s also a more being done to introduce interior trends, soft furnishing and a wider range of colour¬†options.

Now that many new units don’t have furniture built in, we’re asking if you think it could be left to buyers to purchase the free standing furniture of their choice, possibly in exchange for a reduction in buying price?

We’re interested to know your thoughts on all this…

Vote now using the options on the left hand side of this page and tell us if you think new statics and lodges should come pre-furnished.

Whatever your view, share in in the comment box below.

12 comments on “Should new statics and lodges come unfurnished? Vote now!

  1. Much prefer them to be unfurnished! Have changed some of ours but have been told we have devalued the resale value!

  2. Hi we purchased our lodge (victory) unfurnished which has had positives and negatives …
    Positives you can put your own stamp on it however the negatives are because it’s a holiday home you sort of don’t have time to complete jobs and fittings etc

  3. In 2011 we purchased a pathfinder Thorverton from Martin and we had the advantage of choosing the free standing furnature with the expertise of their in house interior designer. This option was also economic because we gained the benefit of Pathfinders buying power. Great company and quality finish and specification.

  4. no they should be furnished as many retired purchasers are doing so in order to avoid any hassle whatsoever..
    manufacturers give lots of options and flexibity to suit taste

  5. NO dont furnish.
    My lodge came already furnished, yes it looked nice but there were problems with damaged dining table, coffee table amongst fittings not finished off properly… I wouldnt have had the big bedheads, and the 3 piece suite is of poor quality which I hope to replace soon. I would have rather put my own stamp on it. There were no bedroom drawers or hall/bedroom ceiling lamps which I had to buy.

  6. As an Interior Designer who specialises in Holiday homes, I have found that over the last 5 years our clients have tripled. A lot of them want to have something individual, especially if they are letting where there is numerous competition. Or if it is just for family use, they like to add their personality into the design.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Vicky – the results are pretty close thus far!

  7. We have just purchased a two year old static and although the furnishing is pleasant I personally really dislike leather furniture and expecially the cheaper end of leather. I would prefer to buy the van and then work with someone who understands the loading of the van and have colour and style choice. Ours is a second home and we want it to reflect that.

  8. All cushions should have removable seat covers or be mould resistant. The front board where the pull-out bed is keeps coming off. slide under bed would be better. Cushion replacements are very expensive-you’d better off buying new couches.

  9. Although we have jsu bought a brand new van complete with free standing furniture, which for the most part is great I would have liked the choice of upgraded mattresses and dining room furniture as the former are not comfortable and the latter looks a bit “cheap” compared to the lounge suite which looks good aand is comfortable!! Maybe a “half way” solution would work giving purchasers different options for furniture and soft furnishings.

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