Opening up the factory doors

Some holiday caravan manufacturers throw open their factory doors so buyers can gain an insight into how static caravans and lodges are built. Others have permanent indoor park home and holiday caravan showgrounds or exhibition centres showcasing their range of homes and lodges on offer.

In last month’s community poll we asked readers if they had been on a factory tour or visited a showground.

Here’s the results…

There was overwhelming support for the opportunity to go on a factory tour or visit a showground. Sixty-nine per cent of voters told us they hadn’t been to a holiday caravan manufacturer but would like to.

Only one per cent of voters had actually been to an open day and just three per cent had been on a factory tour.

A manufacturer showground was more popular with 14 per cent of the votes.

And 13 per cent of voters simply weren’t interested!

Your comments…

Both Stephen Hopper and Trevor Manton commented that they would be interested in a factory tour.

“I’m particularly interested in visiting the Pemberton factory as we own a Knightsbridge,” commented Trevor.

5 comments on “Opening up the factory doors

  1. We own a Willerby Sheraton 2017 model and would love to see how they are made. I did enquire if Willerby could install a skylight in the bedroom unfortunately they said no which is a shame as it is a gorgeous caravan the layout is perfect for us the only downside is the master bedroom is quite dark.

  2. It would be nice to know which manufacturers offer these tours and where they are situated. Whilst seeing the manufacturer of one’s own caravan brand would have special appeal, I would suppose that the techniques are not dissimilar and a view of the construction process might help with DIY repair jobs.

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