Poll: Do you prepare your holiday caravan for winter?

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There’s a bit of a chill in the air in the early mornings and evenings and sadly it’s time to start thinking about winterising your caravan and maybe even closing it up for winter!

It’s a condition of our holiday caravan insurance policy that you must drain down your static caravan or lodge from November 1st to March 15th if your caravan is not in use. But it’s also a good idea to take other steps to protect your static caravan in winter, such as removing valuables, food and even bedding, as well as checking your guttering and roof and storing outdoor furniture away.

In this month’s community poll we’d like to know if you prepare your holiday caravan for winter.

Static Caravan in winter

Maybe you drain down yourself or you leave all winterisation plans to your park operator.

There are a number of options below and as always feel free to explain more in the comments box below.

If you want to know more about winter preparations see our recent video on how to drain down your static caravan which goes through the steps to take.

We’ll report back the poll results in October, along with a guide to preparing your static caravan for winter.

8 comments on “Poll: Do you prepare your holiday caravan for winter?

  1. Whilst I voted for use in winter I do prepare. After leaf fall clear gutters. Have heating serviced and leave on frost stat. Before leaving in winter also drain down water as extra precaution.

  2. We drain down for winter, but still use the caravan throughout winter too, so it’s drained down after each visit.

  3. We pay £75 every year for Haven to carryout our drain down and reconnection at the start of new season . Also I turn our water off everytime we leave the van .

  4. We use our caravan in winter but drain down and leave the heating on frost stat every time we leave

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