Pemberton Harmony – Disabled Access Static Caravan Review

Janet Lumb delivers her verdict on this mid range Pemberton Harmony static caravan designed for those with mobility difficulties.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Exterior

A few years ago there was hardly a holiday home available for those with mobility difficulties, other than bespoke models from smaller manufacturers. Pemberton were among the first of a growing band providing dedicated units.


The aim of this fairly new model is clear. The Harmony is a top-of-the-range model available for £49,563 ex-works retail. It is an alternative too to Pemberton’s  own cheaper Sovereign. The key feature, of course, is the ability to progress unhindered through the home, with wide spaces and special wide doorways.


The Harmony has two external doors, both at the side, requiring both a veranda and a ramp. Entering via the lounge door, you face the dining table – space at the end for a wheelchair if needed, or sweep straight into the sitting area with its movable furniture. The hard-wearing carpet is suitable for wheelchairs and doesn’t have too deep a pile. Subtle shades of beige and mocha and pale blue are restful on the eye.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Interior

Galley kitchen

A wide galley kitchen allows a straight run through. Work surfaces are lowered to suit, although appliances such as the microwave would be out of reach. There is space under the sink for a wheelchair, so you can offer to do the washing up, and there is also space for a dishwasher, so you may not have to! Both kitchen and shower rooms have single lever mixer taps for ease of use.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Kitchen

Sleep glorious sleep

The practical sliding door to the twin bedroom is opposite the kitchen and here there is space to run the wheelchair between the fixed twin beds, though not much of a turning circle. One bed is 3ft wide and one 2ft 6ins.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Twin Bedroom

The other bedroom is a master double. It is possible to access this bed too with a wheelchair, at the near side.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Master Bedroom

In the corner of this room is an en suite shower room, not accessible to a wheelchair user. However just as near through the sliding door from the bedroom, is the large and accessible shower room.

Genuinely accessible

Features of this shower room include a wall-hung basin, a very large shower with small lip and a wall-hung seat, as well as strategically placed grab handles. The WC is a little higher than the norm, and has an adjacent grab handle and projecting bar at the other side.

Pemberton Harmony Static Caravan Shower Room

It has to be said at this point what you already know – that everyone’s needs are different. There is an assumption that you will be with a companion, and can therefore have help with accessing items such as clothes, and parts of the kitchen. I think it would be very difficult to create an accessible model where you could have total independence.

Who for?

Parties with one wheelchair user, or just possibly two. Couples who are getting on a bit and would like the assurance of an easy access shower. People with a wheeled walker would find this great for getting around. The Harmony is designed for buyers who would like a ‘step up’ from the cheaper models available. At 39ft by 12ft it is long too.

Pemberton Harmony Floor Plan

Our verdict

It looks to me as though Pemberton have had a good shot at incorporating as many accessible features as possible. Try before you buy if you can. Only you will know whether this model meets your needs and those of your companions. It certainly seems a good attempt to marry style and comfort with practical accessibility. The proof of the pudding…

Ex-works price £49,563.97 *

*Ex-works price quoted. Additional charges will be made by park operators, and/or distributors for transportation, siting and annual maintenance.  Please check the price carefully before you commit to purchase, as prices vary considerably dependent, amongst other factors, on the geographical location of your chosen park.


Contact details

Pemberton Leisure Homes Limited
Woodhouse Lane

Tel: 01942 321221

Fax: 01942 234150

Email: [email protected]


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5 comments on “Pemberton Harmony – Disabled Access Static Caravan Review

  1. this is a wonderful caravan at last style and accessibility I know what we are getting if we win the lottery .

  2. Lovely caravan spoilt by the sofas !! When will caravan manufacturers learn that caravans have fitted seating !! Otherwise its not a proper caravan folks, and just an ordinary living room !! I love the rest apart from the price. And, why oh why have Pemberton stopped making the beautiful, affordable Sovereign ! I want to buy an accessible caravan, but can’t afford the new Harmony and wouldn’t buy it if I could because of the terrible “loose sofa” fad !! Please bring back the Sovereign double quick !!

  3. I agree with A. Sawyers re the affordability of the Pemberton Sovereign and while I love fitted seating in caravans, sadly the loose sofa is more suitable when there is a wheelchair in the caravan. But I do dearly wish that the fire place could be on the same side as the entrance door as in the 2007 models. Why must all fire places be opposite the entrance door? In our caravan park we would have to have our backs to the sea view if we were to face the fireplace in any post 2007 models

  4. Goede middag
    ik heb een pembreton harmony 238 ik heb die tweedehands gekocht maar er is geen buitentrap met leuning bij graag wou ik weten of ik die bij jullie kan kopen?

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