Poll: Do you cook on a gas or charcoal BBQ?

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We know eating outside is popular with many holiday caravan owners but what kind of BBQ do you use when you’re dining al fresco?

You can’t beat the smell of food cooking over a hot grill or hot coals in the Spring and summer months. So, in this month’s poll we’d like to know if you like to cook on a gas or charcoal BBQ, or may be you stick to using the cooker in your static caravan or lodge?

BBQ eating outdoors


Simply vote using the buttons below and if you have another means of cooking, then select “other” and add it into the comments section,

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How have you drained down your holiday caravan?

As always feel free to share more about the type of BBQ or outdoor cooker you use when on your static caravan holidays by adding your comments in the box below.

We’ll report back the results next month.

2 comments on “Poll: Do you cook on a gas or charcoal BBQ?

  1. I find it easier and more convenient to use the cooking facilities in my caravan and it isn’t weather dependent

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