Poll: Do you plan to use your static caravan more this winter?

POLL NOW CLOSED – Thanks to everyone who voted

It’s definitely been a very different year for holiday caravan owners and holidaymakers due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As many holiday parks were forced to close throughout Spring, when their gates were allowed to re-open it was great to see many UK holidaymakers enjoying a staycation in summer and autumn and lots of newcomers to holiday caravan ownership.

holiday park in winter

Some holiday parks will be looking to stay open longer over the winter months to make up for the closure in the early part of 2020, whilst others are being forced to close again due to local or national lockdown restrictions.

In this month’s community poll we’d like to know if you plan to use your static caravan or holiday lodge more than usual during the winter months this year and into 2021?

Perhaps you normally go abroad for winter, but this isn’t an option this year so you’re going to use your holiday caravan instead? Or maybe you want to take advantage of your park’s longer opening times? Or are you not able to go to your static as it’s in a lockdown area?

We can’t wait to read your comments and see how you’re going to vote. We’ll report back the results in November.

19 comments on “Poll: Do you plan to use your static caravan more this winter?

  1. Our site says open for 111/2 months so I put maybe but will probably you our van more this year as we lost out in the spring and summer.

  2. Our site says open for 111/2 months so I put maybe but will probably use our van more this year as we lost out in the spring and summer.

  3. Our Park is closed from Nov to March but living in N.I out in the countryside with 3 acres and 5 rescue dogs and no travel restrictions locally with beaches a 1/2 hour drive the covid virus really has not affected us very much.
    We also prefer to support local, as in UK destinations,so no foreign trips abroad,just a personal choice.

  4. Will close down round about usual time, With a caravan in thenorth east its not the best winter destination and is a long way from home in Somerset. Great in summer though.

  5. Because we sub-let,the majority of the year,March-October,is more or less fully booked,so no complaints there,but during Autumn and winter we just love to be able to use it for ourselves and family.It becomes so peaceful and cosy so we can all chill out!

  6. We feel safer spending time at our static van at Kippford which is only 25mins from our home, rather than travel to other areas!

  7. Currently unable to use our static caravan.,It is in Wales. We may use it more during the next few months. It depends on whether the site is open or not. We live less than thirty miles from the site, so can visit for the day, if necessary.

  8. This is our first year in a static caravan and we were really looking forward to be able to carry on using it during the winter. However, Welsh Covid restrictions have meant that we haven’t been able to go to the van since the beginning of October. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we may be able to return after the Firebreak.

  9. Just bought our caravan, so yes we will spend as many weekends as possible between now and mid January when park closes. It’s an older van so looking to re-insulate floor as some older insulation blown off this weekend and checking, there are a few areas it’s missing.

  10. Our site open all year round and we normally go over during the winter months it only take minutes to reconnect the water supply and drain down when leaving so it no great hastle It’s good watching the snow falling in a nice cosy van at night

  11. We have a residential lodge on a site two miles from where we live. We normally use it for the ten month season, it shuts between January 3rd to March 1st, but due to the Wales lockdown rules, including the latest rules, we have only used it for three months this year.

  12. We expect travel restrictions in Wales to remain in some form for the rest of the winter, so we won’t be using our caravan as much as usual until next year.

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