Poll: Ever had damp in your holiday caravan?

Unfortunately the autumn and winter months bring cold, wet and damp weather! And if you’re not staying at your static caravan or lodge during this time it can be be an opportunity for damp to grow and spread.

damp and mould

Damp will often start to become a problem if your caravan isn’t well ventilated and there’s a regular build-up of condensation.

In this month’s community poll, we’re asking static and lodge owners if they’ve ever had damp in their holiday caravan. Simply check yes, no or may be from the options below.

As always, feel free to share your experiences in the comments box below as well as any damp-busting tips for other owners.

4 comments on “Poll: Ever had damp in your holiday caravan?

  1. Just several spots in a bedroom. The vent cover outside was missing and allowed damp in. We were also about a month late opening up.

  2. The original curtains were mouldy and they were backed. My new ones are plain and despite condensation have remained unmarked.

  3. I use a dehumidifier of the crystal type in each room and renew it over the winter and it’s amazing how much water they collect.
    It takes care of the damp in my static caravan.

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