Poll: How old is your static caravan, lodge or chalet?

We have static caravan, lodge and chalet owners of all ages who take out our holiday caravan insurance cover. But in this month’s poll we’d like to know how old your static caravan, lodge or chalet is?

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Maybe you’re completely new to holiday caravan ownership and have recently bought a older unit as a starter. Or maybe you’ve recently upgraded to a brand new model.

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Vote in our latest community poll and see if we can find our oldest caravan, lodge or chalet! Just select one of the options below.

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How did you pay for your holiday caravan?

We’d also love to what you love most about your existing caravan or lodge – is it the layout, the fixtures and fittings or even great build quality? And do you want to upgrade or are you happy with the model you’ve got?

Feel free to let us know how old you holiday caravan is and the make and model in the comments section and we’ll see who has the newest or oldest unit!

We’ll publish the results and some of our favourite comments next month.

Happy voting!

9 comments on “Poll: How old is your static caravan, lodge or chalet?

  1. we have a atlas heritage 2007 which we like but would like to upgrade to a 2012 willerby winchester which we like the whole layout especially where you can shut the lounge off from the separate dining room and separate kitchen

  2. I think my wooden lodge is about 12-15 years old. I bought it two years ago.
    It has two good size bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which is ensuite.
    I love the open plan layout, it’s spacious and full of light .
    The downside is that the wood needs constant maintenance .

  3. We have a 2003 Pemberton Lucerne which is in almost as good condition today as it was when it was installed. Great layout for 2+2 – can use the deck for any more.
    No letting site helps to keep it pristine.

  4. We had a 2001 cosalt Monaco. Best 2 bed static we owned. Open and spacious like living in a large conservatory. We now have a BK Lulworth over in France. Still a good layout but wish we knew what fate was in store as would have shipped our Monaco over.

  5. We have an ex Display 2016 Willerby Skyline with all mod cons & LED lighting.
    Quite a change from our Willerby Cottage that served us well for 14 years.

  6. I have a 2004 willerby aspen, I love everything especially the huge front Windows and the floor to ceiling window at the back in the main bedroom.

  7. I have an Atlas Park Lodge of 2002 vintage. Totally impractical internal design but has a great feel to it.

  8. We have a 2 bedroom 2005 Willerby Winchester which is and has always been brilliant but as the children are growing older a 3 bed is needed so we are now looking to update. Unfortunately the cost to change has proved an eye opener. As a very rough guide doubling the retail price in the brochure brings you closer to the final sited cost!

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