Top 10 caravan holiday activities revealed

Many holiday parks are set in beautiful locations, perfect for all kinds of outdoor holiday activities or simply staying put, relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

Walking holiday activity on park

In last month’s community poll we asked static caravan and lodge owners to name their top activity when on their caravan holidays.

Here’s the top 10 holiday activities…

Walking was by far the most popular holiday with just over a quarter of the votes – walking the dog also came in third with 12 per cent.

But in second place was a far more relaxing activity. Seventeen-and-a-half per cent of voters chose “sitting on their verandah enjoying the sun and talking to passers by” – how perfect does that sound?!

A further 11 per cent of voters also voted for “relaxing” – which is probably why they bought their static caravan or lodge in the first place!

Relaxing holiday park activity

Sightseeing and exploring the local area was the fifth most popular activity followed closely by going to local restaurants.

Socialising only got five per cent of the votes, placing it in seventh place and gardening came in eighth with just four per cent of the votes.

A phone-based scavanger hunt game called Munzee (or geocaching) took the ninth spot and five holiday activities shared tenth place – cycling, fishing, rock climbing, yoga and bird watching.

fishing holiday activity

Feel free to let us know what you make of the results in the comments box below.

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