How to protect the contents of your static caravan from theft

Back in August 2012 we saw theft of equipment and personal possessions from static caravans and holiday lodges rise by around 30%, thankfully these rates have now steadied but we want to remind you how important it is to remain extra vigilant.

protect the contents of your static caravan from theft
Thieves can strike at any time 

Having your holiday caravan targeted by thieves isn’t nice at all, so to help we’ve highlighted a few simple ways owners can take extra precautions to protect contents from theft.

Fitting an alarm and other security devices to your static caravan or holiday lodge is one of the easiest ways to keep it safe, but there are other more practical ways to do this too…

Practical tips

Most thefts from statics happen when they are not in use or the owner has gone out. As such, when leaving your static for long periods of time you should ensure that as many valuables as possible have been removed or hidden from view and the curtains have been left open to show that there is nothing to steal.

protect the contents of your static caravan from theft
Keep keys and other valuable items out of view 

Also ensure that all windows, doors (including patio or French doors) and skylights have been securely closed and locked, and that any security systems fitted have been engaged.

If you are on holiday in your static caravan but will be leaving for a short period of time then ensure that wherever possible all valuables are hidden away and that items such as car or house keys, credit cards or cash are brought out of the static with you.

The police also recommend that any valuable electrical items such as TVs are marked with your name, postcode and telephone number using a special UV pen (which can be picked up for a few pounds) to help with the recovery of stolen goods. Having this information on items helps Police to return recovered stolen items to their rightful owners.

Fitting extra security

Ensuring that the locks on your static caravan’s windows and doors are working correctly and cannot be easily broken is the first essential bit of security that needs to be considered.

To add further security to your static caravan you can fit a motion sensor or door / window contact triggered alarm system which makes noise to alert nearby people to an unauthorised access. However, as already mentioned the majority of break-ins happen when you are away from your static caravan, meaning you are relying on somebody being nearby to hear and react to the alarm.

protect the contents of your static caravan from theftAre you exposing yourself to theft? 

A much more effective alarm system are the monitored varieties which alert the manager of the holiday park that there has been a break-in – the alerts are sent either by radio wave or mobile phone text technology. Upon receiving an alert the manager can check out what has occurred and take the necessary action. At the very least the alert will allow you to act quickly and re-secure the property to protect it from further damage.

Monitoring equipment is bought by the park and then the park will sell individual alarm units to its customers (the most well known brand of which are Ramtech), some devices can even detect other hazards such as water, gas or carbon monoxide leaks and alert the park operator or static caravan owner.

Other alarm manufacturers produce similar devices designed for use in static caravans, so our advice would be to speak to your park operator about the system they would recommend.

Of course even with good security in place thefts can still happen, which is why it’s important to have quality static caravan insurance cover in place.

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9 comments on “How to protect the contents of your static caravan from theft

  1. My caravan is fitted with a Ramtech system,however the site management do not have a receiving base. Is there anything I can do.

  2. Hi Bob,

    thanks for your comments.

    I’ve sent an email through to Ramtech to find out if there is anything more that you can do and will let you know what they say.

    many thanks


  3. Thanks Niel for a very informative post, fortunately our parks have pretty low crime rates but you can never be too careful 🙂

  4. My caravan is fitted with a Ramtech system,however the site management do not have a receiving base. Is there anything I can do.

    1. Hi Steven,

      I’m not too sure about that one.

      The decision may ultimately lie with the park, but it’s worth checking with Ramtech to see if they can do anything for you. See here for details.
      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.


  5. I had nothing but problems with my Ramtech alarm so l went to this company and l must say for the quality and easy set up the monitor is invaluable and a steal

  6. Is there a market alarm that i can fit to my static caravan which is insurance approved. A Ramtech system is not available on our site. all advice would be appreciated

    1. Any type of intruder alarm that is fixed to the holiday caravan will be acceptable as long as it is activated when the caravan is left unattended.

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