Resiting and reconnection costs: Make sure you’re properly covered

Research conducted into written off holiday homes by Leisuredays has shown that the average cost of removing debris from a damaged holiday home in addition to resiting and reconnection of a new home is £3500, yet we suspect that many owners might not have adequate insurance cover in place to cover the cost.

Whilst the average is £3500, it can cost upwards of £7000 if a crane or other heavy plant machinery is needed and it’s something the Park Owner isn’t obliged to pay for, potentially leaving the holiday home owner a hefty bill.

Some insurers make you pay extra to be covered for resiting. Leisuredays however, automatically cover holiday home owners for up to £10,000 debris removal, resiting and reconnection costs, meaning there is no unnecessary stress and no extra costs to worry about.

Chris Nettleton, Director at Leisuredays, explains why it’s an important element of cover,

“We don’t want holiday home owners to worry about any hidden costs or have to take out ‘extras’ which are in fact essential – that’s why we include debris removal, resiting and reconnection costs automatically in our policy”

It’s an important but often overlooked element of cover, particularly as the use of heavy machinery may be required, as Chris explains,

“If the holiday home plot is in a location with limited access then a crane is unfortunately an expensive necessity.”

If you are insured with a company other than Leisuredays and are unsure whether you are covered for debris removal, resiting and reconnection costs then have a look through your policy booklet or check with your insurance provider, to ensure cover is in place. It may be that if the cover is provided as an optional extra then you may have opted not to take it out or haven’t added enough on to your total sums insured – which means in the event of a claim you would have to cover the costs yourself.

Existing Leisuredays customers are automatically covered for debris removal, resiting and reconnection costs up to £10,000, but if you have any questions or queries about the cover provided then please don’t hesitate to or get in touch via our contact us page.

New customers can get a quote online, or call for a quote, by visiting our static caravan insurance page. 

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