Spike in vermin claims at holiday caravans

After many static caravans and holiday lodges were left unused for a few months during the UK lockdown, we’ve seen a 300 per cent rise in vermin claims compared to last year.

It’s likely that food and bedding left in the holiday caravan during park closures have attracted mice and rats.

The average cost of damage caused by vermin so far this year is £984, as once they get inside they will nibble away at soft furnishings, as well as any foodstuff, and even furniture!

vermin claim damage

Mice and rats can squeeze through the smallest of gaps underneath a static caravan to seek out food or even nest.

Here are five ways to keep vermin at bay and prevent an unwelcome visit:

  1. When leaving your caravan always give it a good clean and make sure bins are empty and there are no crumbs left behind.
  2. Keep dried food like cereals, biscuits, rice and even dog food in metal containers to prevent them chewing their way through them.
  3. Check underneath your holiday caravan for any gaps around pipes and cover with a metal mesh or fill holes or wrap pipes with a fine wire wool. Be careful however not to block any ventilation.
  4. Use a rodent deterrent device. These emit an ultrasonic sound which repel rats and mice. There are battery, plug-in and solar powered devices on the market. Solar powered vermin repeller
  5. Speak to your park operator and see what they can do to help and if they have any vermin control measures in place. They would likely want to know if there was a problem on their park so other owners could be warned.

Making an insurance claim for vermin

Leisuredays’ policyholders can report non-urgent holiday caravan insurance claims, like damage caused by vermin, using a new form on our website.

Simple register the claim by visiting our “Customer zone” webpage, clicking on the “making a claim” icon” and then report your claim online here.

Over to you…

Got any top tips for vermin busting tips for keeping mice away from your holiday caravan? We’d love to hear your suggestions.


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