Spring Clean Your Holiday Home

As we look forward to the clocks going forward an hour and lighter evenings your thoughts may well have turned to giving your static caravan or holiday lodge a good spring clean.

Not only does a beautifully clean holiday home look appealing but stress experts say it will also make you more relaxed than if it were full of clutter.

It can also minimise the risk of a fire by reducing the amount of unwanted rubbish including boxes or paper inside and gets rid of those nasty bugs and germs that took up residence in your holiday home over the winter months.

Follow these tips to get the best out of your spring clean.

  • Using a weak solution of white vinegar and water to clean your windows, using a lint-free cloth. Then, use crumpled newspaper to wipe the window to really bring out the shine.

Clean the windows with newspaper

  • Got heel marks on your floor caused by visitors? Use a pencil eraser to rub them off.
  • To avoid unfinished jobs, do one room at a time. Seeing one room perfectly tidy will inspire you to complete the rest!
  • When dusting, work from the top down to avoid dirtying what you’ve just cleaned.
  • Make a list of any minor repairs that need doing while you’re giving the holiday home a good clean. You can go back to them later or tick them off as you go along.

Use a duster wrapped round a ruler to clean blinds

  • Clean your blinds using a cloth attached to a ruler. It’ll easily clean those otherwise tricky to reach spots.
  • Get rid of limescale in your kettle by squeezing in some lemon juice and adding cold water. Leave for about half an hour and then rinse well.

Use lemon juice to get rid of limescale in your kettle

Now to the outside. Check your guttering for any debris giving them a good wash out with the hose.

A thorough check of vents and foundations should also be carried to unearth any empty birds nests or other debris that may have become stuck over the winter. Again, make a note of any repair work that needs doing.

Check the vents and exterior of your holiday home

Remember though, most birds are fully protected and you must allow the young to leave the nest before taking any action to block the entrance holes or remove the nest. You can consult the RSPB for advice.

A good spring clean need not be an arduous chore. In fact, if the grandchildren are visiting give them little jobs to do that suit their age and ability and reward them with sweets and drinks!

And once the hard work’s been completed, it’s easier to keep on top of by wiping up spills or clearing up mess as they happen.

3 comments on “Spring Clean Your Holiday Home

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  2. There are mousse carpet cleaners that work quite well. Towsure sell this one on their website but no doubt your local supermarket will sell the same.

    Or you could invest in a carpet steam cleaner.

    If that doesn’t work or you don’t want to invest in a steam cleaner, you perhaps call in the cleaning professionals. Chemdry seem to offer a nationwide carpet cleaning service http://www.chemdry.co.uk/.


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