To switch or not to switch between a static caravan or lodge? Latest poll results are in!

Static caravan or lodge? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at some point but which one would you choose and why.

Lots of you got in touch to tell us if you would ever consider switching, so let’s see what you had to say…

Colin switched from a static caravan to a lodge and has no regrets, We used to have a static which we really loved but we looked at a lodge on another of the park’s sites and fell in love. We liked the idea of more space as we have dogs and we love to invite family and friends round.”

static or lodge

Although Brian thinks lodges are ‘brilliant’ he prefers his static because, We visit our static every other weekend along with holidays. Getting away from home and feeling we are somewhere different the static plays a huge part of that. We’ve stayed in many lodges and whilst they are brilliant they feel very ‘housey’ which we don’t get from our caravan.”

Dawn has a similar view, “I own a Willerby Vogue Connoisseur and am very happy with all the high quality specification. I spend most of the year including winter living in it and have had minimal problems. I have looked at lodges, some are fantastic but at present feel my static fulfils my needs. I would consider a lodge in future though.”

Kevin argues that lodges aren’t necessarily a good investment, “The depreciation on a static is bad enough, but horrendous on a Lodge. (You) might as well buy a brick building than a lodge. Even that would even appreciate in value, not devalue down to nil.”

Ian agrees telling us, “I would like the larger space offered, yet Lodges I`ve viewed often don’t seem to wear as well as statics.”

Here’s how you voted

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One person who did switch is Gary, who despite being a long-term static owner made the decision to buy a lodge in 2012, “I swapped my static caravan for a lodge 2 years ago and wish I had not. Having spent a great deal of cash purchasing the lodge we have had nothing but trouble with it since purchase.”

“We have spent the last 2 seasons carrying out repairs to exterior coatings / cladding using manufacturers’ original products and instructions and still have problems. There have been many communications to the manufacturer and discussions with the site owners but all to no avail, I have not experienced one bit of “leisure” in the 2 years I have owned it.”

Sarah’s experience of lodges is the complete opposite, “We had a static on Lowther Park in Penrith and took the jump to a log cabin – it’s the best thing we ever did.”

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