Stop VAT on Static Caravans before it’s too late

stop vat on statics

As you may already know, the Government’s latest budget revealed plans to apply VAT on static caravans and holiday homes at 20% from the 1st October 2012 – but with your help it’s not too late to stop it.

Stop higher priced caravans

With static caravans and holiday homes currently being exempt from VAT, the proposed change would likely mean that from the 1st October

2012 new ‘vans will become 20% more expensive to purchase.

Stop higher insurance costs

The proposed VAT change would force customers to increase the amount they have their caravans insured for so as to avoid being underinsured. This would increase insurance premiums.

Sign the petition to stop VAT on statics

Leisuredays and the National Caravan Council (NCC) are putting pressure on the Government to reverse their decision and to keep Static Caravans exempt from VAT.

To support us please take a few seconds to vote against the new tax proposal via the eGov petition here:

Please vote by Friday 11th May


For further information read ourĀ  previous blog post on the proposed VAT change to static caravans.


3 comments on “Stop VAT on Static Caravans before it’s too late

  1. This brilliant idea from the Government if adopted will certainly stop me from updateing my static caravan.
    Thank God they havent worked out a way to tax the air we breath, although I expect that’s just a matter of time.

  2. Unusually perhaps, I actually don’t have a problem in principle with VAT on caravans – they are non-essential goods like anything else we buy voluntarily and which carry VAT. What angers me very much though is that in return for paying a high price for caravans, now higher of course with VAT, we still have next to no legal protection in law from unscrupulous caravan manufacturers whose “luxury models” turn out to be expensive tat in far too many cases – Pemberton take note. Happy to pay a fair price and purchase tax if we must, but can we NOW have some proper consumer protection in return?

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