Tell us what activities you enjoy when staying on your park! Vote in the latest Community Poll

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Time in your static caravan or holiday home is spent exactly how you like it to be. Whether you’re out fishing, sunbathing on the veranda (perhaps not this time of year!) or taking the dog for a walk, the beauty of holiday parks is that your time is yours to enjoy!

We’re interested to know what you lot get up to on your park and what activities you enjoy doing the most?

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll most likely be straight out making the most of the surroundings, while the ‘techies’ out there will prefer to sit and relax inside with the latest smart phone or gadget.


Vote now and remember to explain your answer using the comment box below! If there’s anything we’ve missed, make sure to tell us.

We’ll publish the best answers next month so watch this space!


5 comments on “Tell us what activities you enjoy when staying on your park! Vote in the latest Community Poll

  1. I used to hire boats on the canals for holiday hire. We were always booked up at Christmas. I now have a static van that we do hire out although it is not a business. I am new to this and asked the site owners if I could hire at Christmas. NO, was the reply, the site is closed.

  2. I spend a lot of my time on the beach and rocks with my metal detector makes a change from being in a field.

  3. Allthough I spend quite a lot of time fishing that is not the only activity I get up to while staying at my park. I do a lot of walking as well and there are a lot of activities arranged by the Park owner and residents. Park Olympics, car treasure hunts, garden parties, race nights, wii nights and various performers not to mention the discos where I like to blast out whatever anybody wants to dance to. We all have a great time.

  4. i spend a lot of time cycling while i am at my static caravan, and if the weather is nice (not very often) lol, i spend time on the beach which is only minutes away…

  5. i spend most of the time cycling when i go to my static caravan, and if the weather is nice(which isn’t very often) lol i go to the beach as it is only minutes away.

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