Ten space saving ideas for your static caravan or lodge

We all know that space is a premium in many static caravans and holiday lodges and can often mean travelling a bit lighter when packing for your caravan holidays.

Here we bring you our top 10 space saving ideas for your holiday caravan to make every square feet work best for you and your things. There are certainly plenty of innovative solutions to help you pack more things into your static or lodge to make your holidays fun-packed yet clutter-free.

1. Storage tables and stools: Go for a a coffee table or footstool that also doubles up as a storage unit for magazines, games, books and other nik naks.

Storage table

Expect to pay: £299

Visit: www.made.com

2. Creative shelving solutions: Look for shelving units that could double up as a desk or even breakfast bar to eat your meals at. Or even a fold-down table.

Ladder desk

Expect to pay: £99.95

Find out more: www.ebay.co.uk

3. Sofa accessories: Buy bespoke sofa accessories which provide extra storage, such as a place for remote controls, TV magazines and even a hard surface for your hot drinks.

sofa organiser

Expect to pay: £19.95

Find out more: www.houseofbath.co.uk

4. A storage bench in the entrance to your static caravan or lodge is the perfect place to hide shoes, hats, gloves and wellies. And you could even try to get one that doubles up as a coat rail too to save even more space.

Hallway storage unit

Expect to pay: £369

Find out more: www.oakfurniturehouse.co.uk

5. Ottoman beds lift up to reveal oodles of storage and are the perfect place to keep your bedding, towels and even shoes.

space saving ottaman bed

Expect to pay: £135.00

Find out more: www.beds.co.uk

6. Vacuum storage bags are great for flat packing bulky bedding, towels and clothes when you’re travelling or staying in your holiday caravan, and can easily fit under the bed or take up a small space in the wardrobe.

vacuum storage bags

Expect to pay: £19.99

Find out more: www.argos.uk

7. Lift up the beds with leg raisers to make more room underneath for storage boxes. Some even come with USB sockets and plug sockets!

bed raisers

Expect to pay: £22.99 for pack of four

Find out more: www.amazon.co.uk

8. Outdoor sheds and benches are perfect for storing things like bikes, muddy boots, buckets and spades, cleaning equipment, barbecues, tennis rackets, balls, games and more. You could even choose something which doubles up as seating and storage such as a garden storage bench or storage box, which is strong enough to sit on.

Space saving storage bench

Expect to pay: £85.00

Find out more: www.tesco.com

9. Magnetic storage hangers: If your kitchen and bathroom cupboards are already full, why not look at some magnetic storage solutions that you fasten to the walls to hang utensils, cups, pans or toothbrushes. You could even turn it into a bit of wall art!!

space saving kitchen storage

Expect to pay: From £12.99

Find out more: www.lakeland.co.uk

10. Space-saving eating: Adding a seating area/counter top to the back of your sofa means you could get rid of the dining table and create a bit more space. Or opt for a table where the chairs fit snugly underneath.

Storage table and chairs

Expect to pay: £399

Find out more: www.very.co.uk

Be careful if making any major modifications to your static caravan or lodge to make sure it doesn’t affect your manufacturer warranty.

Over to you…

Is space a problem for you in your static caravan or lodge? Do you have any space saving or storage ideas to share? Feel free to add your comments in the box below.

4 comments on “Ten space saving ideas for your static caravan or lodge

  1. Easier to utilise all cupboard space with containers. They can be packed tightly and are easy to pull out of the kitchen storage. They are also useful on a shelf in the wardrobe and prevent piles of clothing from falling on your head.
    A plastic hanging shoe storage with pockets is good behind the bathroom door, or inside the wardrobe for socks and undies. These are available on eBay for a few dollars and are in a variety of colours and sizes.
    Coloured over-the-door hooks brighten up the doors with scarves and hats. The hooks also hold the shoe storage units in place.

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