The importance of static caravan insurance – even when you’re not using it

Even when you can’t go to your static caravan or holiday lodge, insurance risks like storm damage, flood, fire, theft, accidental damage and vandalism can still happen.

static caravan insurance claim for fire

We’ve looked back at our static caravan insurance claims and we estimate that a massive 90 per cent of claim payouts were for when holiday caravans were not in use.

So, even though you’re not able to stay in your pride and joy right now it’s still vulnerable to damage. And let’s not forget, your holiday caravan might be one of the most valuable things you own after your house.

Here we look at five reasons to continue essential protection for your static caravan or holiday lodge – even when you can’t go there to relax and have fun.

  1. Storm damage

Bad weather can strike at any time of the year. Recent storms such as Storm Brendan, Ciara and Dennis saw a huge spike in claims for flooding and roof damage.

static caravan storm damage

These storms have meant weather-related claims accounted for an incredible 87 per cent of caravan claims so far in 2020.

  1. Fire

We’ve seen a large rise in static caravan fires in recent years. Forty per cent of static caravan claims in 2019 were fire-related. 

  1. Vandalism

Vandalism is usually quite rare when holiday parks are busy with people coming and going, but we expect to see a rise in these claims as parks are closed static caravans left unattended for long periods of time. One per cent of our static caravan claims last year were for vandalism, but the cost of the damage caused can run into thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen news reports of mindless vandalism during the Coronavirus lockdown – from scratching car paintwork, slashing tyres, to smashed windows and graffiti.

  1. Accidental damage

The chances of accidental damage inside your static caravan or lodge will reduce when you’re not there and your park is closed. But it could still be at risk of damage from things such as falling tree branches or even animals. We’ve recently dealt with a claim where a pheasant flew into a static caravan window causing damage!

Mouse in caravan

Plus, the dreaded vermin might be able to find some rich pickings whilst you’re away.

  1. Theft

Unfortunately, thieves might look to take advantage and valuables left inside your holiday caravan, storage shed or on the decking could be a magnet to criminals during this crisis. Your static caravan insurance policy provides cover for your personal possessions and fixtures and fittings, such as decking, plus £500 for replacement locks should they be damaged.


“Our stats show that you just can’t predict what’s around the corner and that static caravan and holiday lodge insurance is vital to protect against the unexpected,” said Leisuredays Director Chris Nettleton. “A significant chunk of our insurance claims happen when a holiday caravan is not being used and often these are amongst the most costly type of claims, so it’s important to have cover in place, even during these really difficult times.”

The Leisuredays team is staying safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. All our staff are working from home and are still here for you should you need to renew your policy or get a new static caravan insurance quote.

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  1. I only wish I could get down to my caravan but I am out of bounds till this corona virus is over!

    1. Yes, we feel the same, but we will appreciate it more when we can return. Hopefully not to long. Stay safe.

  2. Snap, our caravan park is out of bounds at present. Hopefully we’ll get there again soon, missing our quiet times

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