This week’s poll – how far do you travel?

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Was distance a factor in you choosing your current holiday home? If so, let us know in the comments below.

19 comments on “This week’s poll – how far do you travel?

  1. The distance is just about enough, taking just over 2 hours. It helps that the drive is on the whole pleasant and scenic.

  2. We moved our Cosalt Madeira caravan which we love, from a dreadful park in Ardentinny which was becoming more run down every day, to Rosneath caravan park which is only a 25 minute drive from our home. We were originally concerned that it was too close to home, but it has been a great move, and we use our caravan so much more, as it is such a pleasant park, and so easy to get to.

  3. We bought our caravan at Sandside Caravan Park for three reasons – none of them the distance:
    1) The area, the pitch and mostly the fantastic view, wouldn’t change it for anywhere.
    2) The lovely quiet site, beautifully kept.
    3) After a dreadful experience on an Anglesey site – because the owners of Sandside are a truely delightful couple.

  4. I would love it to be nearer but after the two hour journey it still feels well worth it

  5. As far as our static caravan goes. It’s not a question of distance, it’s what you know you will be going to at the other end. We have been going to Cornwall for the passed 6yrs, and well worth the wait when you finally arrive.The caravan is on a prime pitch with great views around us, how many people can just get up and go when ever they want, we certainly can, and we love the experience, so do the people that have rented our static too,wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. Living in Oxfordshire it’s a long way to the sea in any direction! So we decided on West Dorset which takes a good 3 hours, but when you see the wonderful views from our ‘van it all seems worth it.

  7. our caravan is on a lovelly site with a great fishing lake and best of all its only 8 miles from our house. once on site we could be anywhere in england but with only 15 minutes to get get there or home. perfect

  8. Buying our Holiday Home

    A Park in Spain or France or Britain?
    The thought by which we all were smitten.
    We’d been to Spain and bought a home,
    Then spent six years in aerodromes.
    But now it’s sold, we feel quite lost.
    So just how much will a new home cost?

    We wrote a list of our requisites,
    Thought about the ease of visits.
    Then in a trice it did unravel
    To time and distance we should travel.
    Within one hour. No more than two.
    From front door to pasture new.

    Our Cornish holidays were always great.
    The thrill of seeing Brunel’s gate.
    When crossing Tamar river’s flow
    Excitement in the car would grow.
    Another hour would see us there,
    And days of fun we all would share.

    The answer then was soon agreed
    Cornwall answered all our needs.
    Question now was in what part?
    The Coast, the Moor or country heart?
    Roseland, Penwith north to Bude,
    So many Parks from which to choose.

    A peaceful site, that was not large.
    With pub and shopping not too far.
    At least ten months of open season
    For which we really had a reason.
    Cornwall when the crowds go home
    Becomes a magic place to roam.

    Our final choice came down to three.
    St.Mabyn, Penrose, and Eden Valley.
    From wooded vale to Atlantic shore,
    And the one we chose, ‘twixt sea and moor.
    To those who look for their holiday dream,
    These three Parks are the Cornish Cream.

    After hours of search and talking over,
    Our choice of home is a BK Grosvenor.
    We now can’t wait to turn the key
    While we await delivery.
    With wrap round deck the final phase.
    A place to come to sit and laze.

  9. we didn`t want to spend all the day driving there, we wanted to be as close as possible so we could enjoy it more.

  10. takes about 2 and 1/2 hours to get there but well worth it! great site you can relax and recharge your batteries ready to face another week.

  11. We live in South Northamptonshire and have a Static at Ingoldells nr Skegness – only 125 miles BUT 3 hours on the road. OK great when we arrive and have friends there. Thinking of selling up – then we think again…

  12. We used to live just outside Blackpool and travel just over 2hours to the north lakes to our static van. When I got voluntary retirement from Ernie(Breast cancer) we decided to move to Cumbria, downsize and but a new van, an Atlas Sherwood, best move we ever did. Spend the summers in the van and winters at home 15 miles away.

  13. Has to be Abersoch. A 3+ hours drive ….. but nothing else would do, we’ve been going there since the 60’s, so it’s in our blood.
    Have a lovely Pemberton Montreux. Perfect!

  14. We have our van at Jacobs mount park on the edge of Scarborough which is ideal for lazing on the beach or tripping around north yorks.Or just pottering round our willerby.

  15. We bought at Ord House Country Park just over a year ago. Site is beautifully maintained and more importantly caravans aren’t rented out so you always know who will be next door to you. Also travel time for us is 1 hour 30 minutes 2 hours in really bad traffic. We love it – no sea view but peace and tranquility.

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