Tips for keeping warm in your static caravan in winter

The chilly weather shouldn’t put you off enjoying some warm and cosy adventures in your static caravan or holiday lodge in winter.

Unless you have a holiday lodge or have upgraded your static caravan to a Residential Specification (BS3632:2015) it won’t be as well insulated and the performance of the heating system won’t be as good, as it’s only built for seasonal use.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some occasional use in the winter months.

Here’s our hot tips for keeping warm in your holiday caravan with a look at some winter warmers to take the chill off when the temperatures drop.

Topping off our winter warmers list is some extra heating for your static caravan.

  1. Portable heater

An oil filled radiator or electric fan heater for the bedroom will help to take the chill off before bed and in the morning.

VonHaus 2500W 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with Timer 3

But be careful not to leave any fan heaters on overnight or unattended to reduce the risk of fire. It’s better to leave the central heating on low overnight to prevent any frozen pipes.

2. Underfloor heating

The cold can quickly and easily come up through the floor of a static caravan, so underfloor heating could be the perfect solution to keep your static caravan warm in winter. Many have timers too, so you can set it to come on and the colder times of day! This thin electric underfloor heating foil from Ebeco can be installed to your caravan relatively easily by a competent electrician – the UK supplier is Comfort Warmfloors. It comes on rolls and is sold by linear metre so it can be tailored to fit the areas of your caravan floor that you want to keep warm. Or the RugBuddy under-rug heater will keep your feet warm. It’s a portable heater which fits under different sizes of rugs.

3. Electric blanket

There’s nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed when it’s chilly in the bedroom. Not only will an electric blanket make sure your bed is warm and snuggly when it’s time to retire for the night, but it can also help you sleep better and relax any aching muscles and joints.

Electric blanket

There are a range of different products from electric blankets and heated throws to a heated mattress pad and even a foot warming pad!

4. Blankets and top tog duvet

Switching to a winter duvet with a huge 15 tog weight (or higher) and using extra blankets on your bed will help you sleep soundly in your static caravan when it’s cold outside.

Winter duvet

Also, throws on the back of your sofa and chairs will keep you warm if cosying up to watch a good film or to snuggle under while playing games in the living room.

5. Hot water bottle

Hot water bottle and blankets

A hot water bottle will warm up your bed before you retire for the night or you can simply cuddle up to it to help you drift off warmly!

6. Cosy slippers

Warm feet will make sure the rest of your body is warm and will take the edge of any cold flooring you might have in your kitchen or bathrooms.

Boot slippers

At this time of year, there are plenty of fluffy, fleecy lined slippers to choose from in the shops and they’re a great Christmas gift for any winter caravanner! You could even go for boot slippers – and look for slippers that you can also use outdoors in case you need to nip out to the bins or the gas bottle!

7. Thermal clothing

If you’re caravanning in winter and venturing outdoors or snuggling up inside, layering up your clothing will help you stay warm. Thermal clothing with moisture wicking fabric will keep you both warm and dry.

8. A hot shower

Hot shower

Having a nice warm bath or hot shower before bed will not only make sure you’re body temperature is higher it will also help you to fall asleep more quickly.

9. Curtains!

Keeping curtains open on a nice and sunny winter day will allow the sun to naturally provide some warmth, but as soon as it sets and goes down you want to be closing up those curtains to help retain as much heat as possible.

10. Extra insulation

If you’re planning on spending more time at your static caravan in winter, it’s worth thinking about investing in some extra insulation, like cladding or even a better grade of windows, as well as skirting for your caravan if you don’t have it already. Or you could simply buy some draft excluders for the doors; thicker, lined, curtains in all rooms; and having extra rugs or carpets on all the floors will all help to prevent the heat from escaping so you’re nice and toasty.

Check the seals around doors and windows to make sure there aren’t any gaps where the warmth inside can escape.

Finally, consider some emergency winter supplies! Having an emergency winter pack at your static caravan of warm clothes, waterproofs, boots, blankets, tinned food and hot drinks, plus an ice scraper for your car and a torch in case of a power cut, will mean you’re prepared in case you’re snowed in for a few days or if the weather takes a turn for the worse!

And don’t forget to, it’s a condition of your Leisuredays static caravan insurance cover that you must drain down your caravan if you’re leaving it unoccupied from November 1st to March 15th.

Over to you…

Have you got any winter warmer tips to share for fellow static caravanners. We’d love to hear from you – simply add your comments to the box below.

28 comments on “Tips for keeping warm in your static caravan in winter

  1. Ive installed a remote controlled thermostat so that i can see the temperature in my static and even if I’m not there i can turn the heating on if it looks like its freezing, and its geofenced so that the heating turns on when im on my way. I also have installed a weather station that monitors the air quality, temperatures in and outside, rain fall and wind. Must admit i have partially blanked off the larger ceiling vents, not recommended but i do have duplicate air quality alarms. Co² and Carbon monoxide. Another tip is to fit a good quality underlay under your carpets.

    1. You would be best speaking to your holiday caravan manufacturer or park owner for advice because it could affect any warranties you might have.

    2. I used the panels from B&Q but put them outside underneath. I then used the rolls of silver foil in wardrobes and drawers or under the fitted couches and beds. For a quick heat saving solution use bubblewrap on your windows that you dont want to look out of. I did batthrooms, kitchen and doors along with a couple of large windows in my lounge. Its simple but effective. Clean the window. spray the with with a fine spray of water and present up the bubblewrap. No condensation and you will find a big improvement. When it gets warm again just peel it off.

  2. one of the best oil filled radiators I have see and am using since last year is from Lidl – SILVERCREST Oil-Filled Radiator with Built-in Fan Heater – price £39.99
    Description: Large surface with 9 heating ribs and 3 power settings provides comfortable warmth With optional 500W fan heater Variable temperature control and frost protection function With 4 practical, smooth-running castors and cable storage
    Size approx. (cm): H65 x W46 x D29 Max. 2500W 3 year manufacturers warranty
    Price compare for r and the best offers and deals in the supermarket and at Lidl
    What makes this good is the fan better than the electric fan heaters as the radiator still holds the heat

  3. our caravan park is now open 12months and we will carry on using it throughout the winter are we still covered ?

    1. Between 1st November – 15th March whilst your park is open, you still need to drain down your holiday caravan whenever it’s unoccupied overnight: Turn the water off at the stopcock, and turn on all taps and the shower to let all water out, and flush toilets, ensuring all water is drained from the cistern. If the holiday caravan is your main residence it’s worth checking with your insurance provider to see if you have enough cover for your contents and alternative accommodation (in the event of it being written off) as it can probably be extended.

  4. I’ve hung a velvet curtain at my glass back door and kept it drawn closed unless the sun was shining….also put rubber backed curtains behind my bedroom curtains to keep out the early morning light..both bought from Charity shops for pennies

  5. Hello

    I have been reading your comments concerning stopping warm this winter.
    I can confirm that we are taking the steps that have been put forward but we are planning to return back to our caravan unit during the close period which is permitted as long as we are off by 5pm.
    We are unable to totally drain down due to coming back every day so are there any other precautions we can take to ensure we are 100% against the cold we would be leaving the central heating on low to keep the cold chill off.
    your comments would be greatly appreciated

    thank you



    1. Hi Paul, if your park is closed then you need to keep your holiday caravan drained down from November 1st to March 15th as per our policy wording. We’d suggest using an electric heater to keep warm.

    2. Drain down is a pain we had CaraGuard fitted inside caravan press off button open all taps etc.job done on return close all taps on button bleed taps no more cold drain downs.

  6. Although not a cheap item purchase an electric ceramic heater. Since buying its fairly cheap to run, set the temperature control and its summer all the year around. Wouldn’t be with out them now.

  7. You mention indoor heating for caravan but do not mention company that fits this
    Tried service centres where I live and most haven’t heard of it
    Can you let us know which company fits the underfloor heating to the touring caravans
    Elbeco is Scandinavian company

  8. I am in the process of wanting to by a preloved static caravan. I am totally green about the whole thing. do you have any advice. My budget is no more than £20,000 at a push £25,000.
    its always been my dream, and I have saved hard.

    1. The company that owns the site is as important as the van you desire.
      Check they are a member of a site owners organisation and follow that organisations Code Of Practice. Visit the site to check out the age of caravans on the site. Ask to see their site rules and terms and conditions. Then—- start looking for your van. How they responded to lockdown and their caravan owners is a good starting point. Don’t be frightened to approach owners on site to ask about any grievances . Do try to have an informal chat with the Site Manager
      before committing.
      Good luck with your search.
      The above worked very well for us and having selected company and site . We discussed our budget and preferences. We now own our perfect caravan on our preferred site, with a reputable company

    2. Hi we are looking to and been our dream we want to pay monthly and put a deposit dwn we’re looking maybe bunleisure any help please

  9. I find that Trace heating when fitted not only keeps the pipes from freezing during use in the winter, but also does a full drain down by pressing button when leaving the caravan.

  10. We’ve had the underfloor insulated, with cosy wrap first, then space tech aluminium insulation over the top, held in place with timber battens, all pipe work lagged first, most of the cold in a static, comes via thermal mass, ie from your concrete base, we use our van all year round

  11. Bubble wrap over windows you don’t need to see out of: it’s peerless insulation and lets the light through. Lots of overlapping carpet pieces on the floor, lots of duvets/blankets on the sofas, lots of heavy curtains/drapes for the windows. Heating pad near your favourite sitting spot. Duvets under and over the sheet covering the electric blanket. Fin heater when necessary…not often!

  12. We left our static caravan in Yorkshire In mid November when it was mild . As we are going back next week forChristmas we did not ask the park to do the full (when closed ) drain down. Instead we followed the Leisuredays guidance for winter when the park is open; putting the boiler to frost setting, turning off the stop cock , flushing the loos ( putting antifreeze down them ) and opening all the taps . We were a bit concerned that when we turned on the taps, no water came out apart from the outside tap . When there was a forecast for the current very cold weather I contacted the park maintenance guy to check out about the taps not draining, but my only response was a suggestion they do a full drain down … with the consequent substantial charges. ( we will be booking that for the NewYear when the park is closed, but weren’t keen to have it done again for just a week or so before we come back) This is the first year we have been on site between Nov and March so it’s all new to us!
    So we are keeping our fingers crossed we don’t have frozen burst pipes when we arrive !

    1. Our site is open all year so I follow the guidelines for shutting off water at stopcock and opening all taps, leaving open, and flushing loo. I never have water coming out of my taps either. I can only assume it’s different to a domestic water supply. I also put anti freeze down loo and sinks/shower drains. Hopefully you’ll find everything is OK.

  13. Get floe drain down machine fitted. Can drain down yourself in 5 mins. No undoing pipes just turn water off and use the compressor machine in the van. Our van is high up in penines in northumberland and use it rehularly during winter even when temperature is minus. Just drain down when we leave

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