What’s the best thing about static caravanning? Vote now!

With the great British summer almost upon us, chances are you’ll be spending more time in your beloved static caravan or lodge.

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Holiday parks really come to life at this time of year, but if you were to choose one thing about static caravanning that you love the most, what would it be and why?

Whether it’s being closer to nature, having everything you need on your doorstep or enjoying fun with all the family, tell us what you consider the best thing about static caravanning.

What's the best thing about static caravanning? Vote now!

Vote now using the options to the left. Can’t decide from the list? Simply select ‘other’ and explain your answer below.


We’ll announce the winning vote and publish some of our favourite comments right here on the blog next month.


5 comments on “What’s the best thing about static caravanning? Vote now!

  1. The thing I like best is that we can just get up and go whenever we like. No booking problems or time slots to get in or out of our caravan. We’re relaxed and no stress when we get there. Now we are retired we can spend as much time as we want on our site.

  2. I love me van because I can get into my car and 1 hour away and I am in it.i can chill out do what I like.meet friends.what more do I need and for 9 months of the year when not working.

  3. I enjoy the time at our caravan because it helps me de -stress from pressures at work. It’s wonderful to be away from the hassle of every day life and just relax.

  4. once set up there is no more fuss about going away when you decide and without the fuss and upset of booking, queuing and it’s home from home

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