What’s your must-have accessory when holidaying in your static caravan or lodge?


When holidaying in your static caravan or lodge, everyone has at least one accessory they simply cannot leave home without.

Whether it’s a weekend stay or longer, you’ll no doubt pack all manner of accessories into your car to make your caravan holiday more comfortable or one to remember.

We’ve pulled together a list of accessories you might take on holiday with you – or keep at your holiday caravan – and in this month’s poll we’d like know which is your must-have piece of kit.

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What's your favourite indoor game to play on your caravan holidays?

If we’ve missed your essential holiday accessory then simply tick ‘Other’ and share it in the comments box below. We’d also love to hear any of your caravan holiday stories.

We’ll report back the poll results in May.

5 comments on “What’s your must-have accessory when holidaying in your static caravan or lodge?

  1. These days any connected device is a must have – the mobile and ipad are definitely “in the bag” – and I keep a kindle in the lodge at bedside.
    BUT – the single most used item we have is a generously sized George Grill which is used daily (both at home AND in the lodge).
    Quite apart from the obvious bacon, sausage, and burgers, the grill is great for a whole host of other foods – grilled asparagus anyone?

  2. Apart from my pet dog and all her accessories I always take mobile phone and charger now whereas that didnt matter 5 years ago! Then it was always TV !

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