Poll: How often do your clean your static caravan or lodge?

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We’ve updated our cleaning guide for the start of the holiday season and wanted to continue with the cleaning theme in our latest community poll.

So, for this month, we’d like to know how many times you give your static caravan or lodge a good old wash down, inside and out.

clean static caravan

Do you just clean the outside of your holiday caravan at the start and end of the season, or more often throughout the year?

The number of times you either call in the cleaning experts or grab yourself a large brush and cloth will probably depend on where you caravan is sited. If it’s near trees or by the coast it will probably need cleaning more often.

Vote today in our latest poll and let us know how often your holiday caravan is given a wash.

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Over to you…

As always, feel free to share your comments with us or tell us how often you think a holiday caravan should be cleaned during the season.

3 comments on “Poll: How often do your clean your static caravan or lodge?

  1. Our problems are very few, we have a great team in place when we pack up and come home, leaving behind John Harrold and his team particularly Keith & Tony. We know we can relax until we get to come again. Plus all the paths and trees are well cared for. Did I forget to say that this was Violet Bank in Cockermouth. Well Done once again to all the team.

  2. I find the best time to clean the outside of the van is when it’s raining. A telescopic brush with several buckets of water and car shampoo do a superb job and the rain rinses it off with no water streaks.

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