Coping with condensation and mould in your static caravan

Here at Leisuredays we’ve been dealing with lots of claims for damage caused by water getting into static caravans through damaged roofs and vents windows or as a result of flooding.

(6)Homes are stranded in rising flood waters

As many of you will be getting back to your static caravan or lodge more frequently, it’s worth thoroughly checking your unit for signs of damage from the weather, water, or vermin.

You might also find there’s been a build-up of condensation or a “musty” smell inside when opening up your caravan for the new season. Here’s some tips on reducing condensation and treating mould:

Damp and mould in caravan

  • Start by giving the caravan a good airing by opening the windows at both ends of the caravan for as long as you can to try to clear any moisture build up and dry out any dampness on your curtains or furnishings.
  • When you’re in the caravan try to keep the windows open slightly to continue the good air flow, just make sure they’re closed when you’re not there!
  • Check your air vents to make sure they’re clear and to maintain a good air flow


  • Use a de-humidifier.
  • Place bowls of salt or dehumidifier crystals around the caravan to soak up moisture in the air and to help reduce damp. Cat litter might also work!

Salt crystals

  • Keep heating on a low setting over a longer periods rather than on turning it up high when you first arrive
  • Treat mould and mildew by wiping with a damp cloth and using an anti-mould cleaner. Dry thoroughly and then spray with clove oil mixed with water. Leave for 20 minutes and then wipe dry. If you find mould is not treatable yourself then call in the experts.
  • Avoid drying clothes inside and use lids on saucepans when cooking

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Over to you

Do you have any hints and tips on reducing condensation or tackling mould? Please share any top tips below.

10 comments on “Coping with condensation and mould in your static caravan

  1. The above article refers to claims for leaky seals and windows and later on, mould and damp. Are you saying that these things are covered by your policy. My insurer has declined my claim for ‘seals and seams’. Thanks. Miguel.

    1. Yes sorry Miguel, that was incorrect, claims were paid for where water has got in through vents. We don’t cover damage arising from seepage of water into the structure through external seams or seals. We would always recommend owners check seams and seals for leaks and damage at the end of each season to limit the chance of damage over the winter months. Thanks for pointing this out, we have amended the article.

  2. Thank you for your further clarification on this matter. Just to confirm though, damp and mould damage would or wouldn’t be covered?

  3. Can you tell me where to get clover oil and does it say what % oil to water many thanks Jackie Linton

  4. We purchased a new ABI Blenheim 6 berth in June 2016. This month we have noticed droplets of water and shadowing in two adjacent corners of the main bedroom. We have been advised by the manufacturers that this is condensation due to “coldspots”. So far there are no problems anywhere else in the caravan and this only occurs after a hard frost/very cold night. We have been told to put a de-humidifier in the bedroom but don’t want to sleep with one of these running through the night (issues with noise and cost of electricity). We sold our old caravan because of problems with damp and condensation and were not expecting this with a brand new static caravan. The manufacturers have had a similar problem “with another van” and are trialling a de-humidifier with this. We are worried in case this causes damp patches and staining on the ceiling. Surely after having our van for less than one year this should not be happening. Does anyone have any advice?

    1. I have a new wilerby caravan and have a lot of condensation to the point it is running down the walls I think it is a fault. I have double glazing and central heating I also don’t cook or dry clothes in the van any one else had problems like this

  5. Hi we live in our static caravan ,we have double glazing and central heating,I am starting to have a problem with damp mould on end wall in main bedroom,how do I stop this please

    1. Hi Jennifer, check that you don’t have blocked vents and that your furniture is not kept up against the walls. Speak to your caravan manufacturer or park owner for specific advice. When using your caravan it’s important to maintain air flow.

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