Do you use a mattress topper on your static caravan bed?

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A good night’s sleep when on your static caravan holidays will make your break away even more pleasurable.

But just how comfortable is your holiday caravan mattress? Some owners might invest in an extra layer of comfort to make their holiday caravan bed as good as their one at home.

A mattress topper can offer more sleeping comfort as well as helping to control your body temperature as you’re dozing.

Duvalay mattress topper

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you use a mattress topper (or protector) on your static caravan or lodge beds. Or maybe you’ve replaced the mattress to something more luxurious?


We’ll report back the results in June along with tips for a good night’s sleep and a look at some sleep boosting kit.

6 comments on “Do you use a mattress topper on your static caravan bed?

  1. In the single bedrooms I feel a 3ft bed with a trundle bed would be a better idea than 2 ,2’3 beds which are not suitable for larger guests.

    1. I agree, and it gives you more flexible space when there are no visitors..

  2. The mattress isn’t great. The ‘topper’ is actually a sleeping bag opened out which works well. Toppers were far too dear.

  3. unfortunately, these days everything has become too technical, I for one like to feel as I am in the open air with other caravans dotted around, these new fandangle things don’t do anything for me, if you like these new style I suggest buy a house on an estate near a big town, I will stay in the country with lots of other caravaners.

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