No pets allowed? Tell us in the latest Leisuredays Community Poll!

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It’s time for this month’s Community Poll! Chances are you’re already settled in your holiday home and enjoying the sunshine but we want to know which furry friend is keeping you company.

Leisuredays Community Poll

Do you take pets to your holiday home with you? Or is it a strictly a no pet zone?

Use the voting buttons below to tell us which pet – or pets – you take away with you¬†and if your pet isn’t listed, share your comments!


6 comments on “No pets allowed? Tell us in the latest Leisuredays Community Poll!

  1. We would not buy a caravan on a site that does not allow pets, pets are part of the family!!

  2. Voted in pet survey but had to go in twice as it wouldn’t allow two choices. We regularly bring our boxer dog Holly and rabbit Lopsy to our caravan. We have a wraparound veranda which houses a hutch for our rabbit (which at home lives indoors) and allows them both to wander around the caravan when weather is fine

  3. I think one of the main reasons for having holiday home is to have your pets with you as it is becoming impossible to take them to hotels/B&Bs etc often the stress caused by putting in kennels is worrying Park owners will find it hard to maintain full occupancy if unreasonable restrictions are imposed

  4. Our site only allows owners of static vans to bring dogs and can only walk from. Our van to dog walk, I can’t even leet my daughter come with her dog, we are responsible dog owners and resent being restricted as when we originally bought our caravan there was no such restrictions.

  5. we have always taken our dog with us to our caravan ,he died last December , but I miss him so much so we are looking into getting another dog , if it all goes according to plan our new family member will be going with us to our caravan.

  6. dogs and caravans are what it is about…early morning walks…late evening walk to pub..will not go without dog

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