Looking after your caravan chassis

There are three main types of static caravan chassis – painted, fully galvanised chassis or part galvanised.

Whatever the type of chassis you have underneath your static caravan, it’s important to look after it regularly. It’s really important to inspect the chassis when your caravan is first sited, or even moved, for any scratches, and then periodically when leaving your caravan for the winter or when opening up for the new season.

If you have a chassis with a protective painted coating, make sure you check this every year for any signs of damage or corrosion.

rusty caravan chassis

The paint helps to prevent rust but any scratches or missing coating should be touched up or sprayed over, using a specialist coating which conforms to ISO: 12944. Ask your park operator or manufacturer for help or contact chassis manufacturer Bankside Patterson as they supply chassis paint. They recommend removing any rust or flaking paint first, with a wire brush or abrasive paper, before applying the paint.

For any type of caravan chassis, carry out an annual check and if you spot any significant signs of corrosion, make sure your speak to your park operator about options for repair, before serious damage sets in. This is particularly important if your caravan is sited near the coast as the sea air can corrode your caravan chassis over time.

North Wales holiday park

Remember, your pride and joy is sitting on the chassis, so it pays to keep it in tip-top condition!

Bankside Patterson also recommends periodically cleaning, greasing and winding each of the four corner steadies or jack stands on your caravan chassis to prevent them from going stiff and to protect them from corrosion.

Static caravan chassis

Similarly, clean and oil all moving parts on the jockey wheel, as well as the hitch handle.

You can protect your caravan’s tyres from direct sunlight by adding a tyre cover and regularly make sure you check that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure . If the wheels have been removed then apply grease to the wheel stub once a year.

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  1. As we are coming into the damp and cold weather and near the end of the season, I think I will check the chassis next year. Thanks for the remainder but in the spring next time

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