Poll: Do you empty your holiday caravan contents in winter?

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When leaving your static caravan for long periods of time in the winter months, its contents can be more vulnerable to theft and other seasonal perils. Most thefts happen when holiday caravans are not in use or the owner has gone out.

Protect caravan contents from theft

We would advise owners to remove as many valuables as possible when leaving their static or lodge for long periods of time and leave curtains open to show there’s nothing to steal.

Plus, you don’t want to attract vermin by leaving food or bedding in your caravan during the cold months when you’re not there.

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you empty you holiday caravan contents in the winter?

There are a number of options to choose from below, but if there isn’t want for you simply click other and type your answer in the comments box at the bottom of this article.


We’ll report back the results in November.

6 comments on “Poll: Do you empty your holiday caravan contents in winter?

  1. I don’t have anywhere else to put my van contents so it stays in place. I was apprehensive at first but I have had no problems with damp or break-ins. Security is pretty good at Bunns.

  2. Yes – deep clean first and empty of all food items, bedding and clothing

    Always great at start of season to know it’s fresh,clean and aired

    Security good so TV remains!

  3. I wish we could use our van in winter! Site closes early November until mid March. Van is central heated and double glazed. Site owner refuses to open longer or open earlier. Such a fantastic place so we have to put up with it!

  4. Our park is only closed for January we use the van over Xmas period weather permitting. When we leave we remove all food and bedding but leave everything else in place. Have been on the park for 5years and haunt had any problems. There is a park warden.

  5. I remove all electrical stuff and any valuable bits but I pack my bedding in waterproof bags with some lavender. It doesn’t get damp. Our van is doubleglazed so issues with damp and mould not as bad as our old ones were. I clean everywhere even the ceilings with a detergent and leave large bowls of salt in every room.

  6. We continue to use it over winter, but when the park shuts in early January, we remove all food, defrost freezer & unplug, leave cupboard/wardrobe doors open, for air to circulate. We leave bedding/ clothing, all beds are stripped though.
    Park reopens early March.

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