Popularity of static caravan alarms revealed

It’s important to be security conscious if you own a static caravan, and even more so when you’re leaving it unoccupied for long periods.

Last month, we asked owners if they had an alarm at their holiday caravan to alert their park owner or their neighbours of a break-in.

Here are the caravan alarm results…

More than 160 owners voted in the poll and almost three-quarters told us they don’t have a caravan alarm (73 percent).

Some parks operate their own caravan alarm system, which is a good way of alerting your park owner of a break-in when you’re not there. Fourteen per cent of voters told us they had a park monitored caravan alarm.

Eight per cent of voters have a fixed alarm at their static caravan – half of these are monitored via mobile and the other half are fixed audible alarms.

Just two per cent had door or window alarms and one per cent had a free-standing alarm.

Your caravan alarm comments

A number of owners commented to tell us they had a park monitored alarm system.

Mark Stephenson pays a “reasonable” £65 a year for his alarm system and gives him “peace of mind”.

Andrea Edwards has a Ramtech caravan alarm fitted with no annual fee to pay.

Alison also has a Ramtech monitored alarm with an annual fee paid to the park management. It’s a fixed alarm that detects movement inside her static caravan.

If you’re on the lookout for some extra security to give you that extra peace of mind then see our updated gear guide on static caravan alarms.

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