Essential spring checks for your static caravan or lodge

Spring is here and it’s time to get back to your static caravan or holiday lodge and enjoy everything the new season has to offer. Here we bring you our top tips on carrying out those essential Spring checks, to make sure you’ve spotted any winter damage, so your holiday caravan is ready for the season ahead.

Static caravan spring checks

  1. Have a toolkit

It’s worthwhile keeping a toolkit at your caravan so you make any quick fixes when problems arise. It’s worth keeping a set of screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, extension lead, step ladders, WD40, brushes, hammer and hacksaw in your shed or storage box. Plus a stash of cleaning products for when you come to open up.

Spring checks toolkit

2. Pack the essentials

When returning to your static caravan or lodge you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for the new season ahead. First of all don’t forget your keys, any passes or codes for the entry gates, batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, toilet and kitchen roll, towels, bedding, and food, particularly the non-perishable type. Then any electrical equipment you might have removed, such as the TV, kettle and vacuum cleaner. Also make sure your holiday caravan insurance is up-to-date.

3. Check for storm or weather damage

Check the outside of your caravan for any signs of damage from bad weather, such as strong winds or heavy rainfall. Pay particular attention to your static caravan’s windows, skylights, seams and seals, guttering, roof tiles, and aerials/satellite dishes, plus any decking or outside sheds. Also make sure they’re still in a good condition and that they’re still watertight.

Also have a look around the panels of your caravan to make sure they haven’t suffered any damage, checking for dents, holes or cracks.

Storm damage to side panel

Make a note of any repairs that might need to be carried out and if you’re going to need to contact your insurance company to make a claim.

Inside your caravan, be sure to throw open all the doors and windows to let the air circulate through your caravan and once you’ve turned the electricity back on you could use a dehumidifier if it feels damp in the air and there seems to be lots of excess moisture.

Check all corners of the rooms to make sure you’ve not had any leaks as well (as looking and smelling for damp), along ceilings, around vents and windows, and in the kitchen and bathrooms, looking for any discolouration or water marks, around taps, sinks, showers or white goods.

Also check your furnishings for damp or mildew. If there’s any springiness in the floors, check to make sure it’s not caused by damp by looking to see if there are any damp or dark patches. You might also want to use a damp meter if you’re concerned.

If you’ve used salt containers during the winter months then empty these.

Also have a good look in every room to make sure you’ve not had another unwelcome visitors, such as mice or rats, by looking for droppings or damage to upholstery or even flooring.

4. Turn on the water

Turn on the water slowly, opening up one tap at a time and letting them run for a few minutes to get rid of any trapped air. Keep an eye on the underside of your caravan for any leaks and once all taps are open and water is running through the caravan turn up the water pressure, and continue to look for any leaks.

5. Turn on the heating

Turn on the heating system, be that the gas central heating, electric heaters, fire, or oil filled radiators to warm the caravan through.

6. Check safety devices

Check the condition of your fire extinguisher and the replace batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and security alarms, if needed.

static caravan smoke alarm

Check dates on any first aid kits too and book your boiler in for its annual service to make sure it continues to give you the hot water and heating throughout the season.

7. Give it a good spring clean

Not only will  you feel ready to enjoy lots of  holidays in your static caravan or lodge if it’s clean and fresh, but removing dirt and other nasties will also help keep the bodywork, soft furnishings and other fixtures and fittings in a good condition.

Check out our cleaning guide for more tips.

8. Pop the kettle on!

Finally, you’ll want to pop the kettle on for a nice cuppa, or pour a glass of your favourite tipple, sit back and relax!

Over to you

Is there any essential Spring checks we’ve missed that you carry out when you first visit your caravan or lodge? Feel free to add any to the comments box below.

7 comments on “Essential spring checks for your static caravan or lodge

  1. While checking the outside of your holiday home,remember to check the roof guttering and remove dead leaves etc.

  2. Would appreciate any bright ideas on avoiding fly infestation as temperatures rise, especially where neighbouring units are affected.

    1. Me too, Ken! There must have been 100 or more when I visited my home in mid March, mostly dead but I hate dealing with them. Advice welcome.

  3. We always take a bottle of water from home so we can have a cup of tea as soon as we get there and fill the dogs bowl so she can have a drink as well.

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