Ten top interior design tips for your static caravan or lodge

There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour, a new piece of furniture or a new accessory to brighten up your static caravan or lodge and give it a designer look.

We got an exclusive interview with Willerby’s head designer, Barry Hague, to find out what’s on trend in the holiday caravan market and to bring you 10 top interior design tips for your static caravan or lodge.

Barry Hague, Head of Design at Willerby

  1. Storage

He starts off by explaining how storage is key in a static caravan but that there are lots of effective solutions to maximise the space you have. For example, mounting fabric pockets in a bathroom next to the sink and radiator, or adding a corner shelf in the shower. “Usually there’s lots of space on the wall space for shelving in a bathroom and corner spaces are great for this,” said Barry.

In kitchens, extra storage can be put on side walls. Having utensils on display is on trend, plus having things on racks frees up storage space elsewhere.

space saving kitchen storage design

Coffee tables can also add practical storage and in bedrooms reduce clutter by hanging things on the back of the door and use shoe racks and hanging storage in wardrobes.

2. Colour scheme

Barry told us that grey is the colour of the moment – it’s neutral, very much on trend, and goes with a lot of things.

Dark colours are also in vogue but don’t really lend themselves to a static caravan, whereas pastel colours work well and Barry described them as “fun” colours.

Willerby Mulberry Master Bedroom

Muted colours with patterns will create a relaxing environment. But in bedrooms avoid colours that are too bright or intense, instead opting for whites and greys and lighter woods.

3. Lighting

Brass fittings with filament lights are very “in-vogue”. Under counter lighting in kitchens and low voltage LEDs also have a great effect and create great mood lighting.

In bedrooms and living rooms, lamps with filament lights will help create an industrial look or go very simple.

Tingdene Kudos Interior

Lighting added to over-bed storage or shelving looks great too but avoid intense white light, instead using more of a yellow lightbulb.

4. Accessorise

Ornaments and flowers can make any room look homely. Plus, changing kitchen appliances like kettles and toaster to match your colour scheme or design can create added impact, such as brass accessories for that industrial look.

Static caravan design accessories

Free up bedside tables for lamps and accessories with shelving above or hooks for phones to go on charge.

5. Design concepts

The design style you go for will depend on the age of your unit and the amount of space you have. The loft living look is very much on trend with large, metallic, industrial-type accessories,  unfinished looks and dark furniture.

“Mid-century, 50s style, doesn’t always lend itself to a static caravan but if you have the space it works well,” said Barry.

In contrast pastels are also of the season – muted colours with pops of colour. Go for lighter greys and lighter woods for that Scandinavian look, may be picking an accent colour too.

6. Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have free standing furniture, upgrading it will keep your caravan looking bang up-to-date. Greys and textured materials are very much “in”, as well as indulgent wool and a buttoned look.

Willerby Mulberry Lounge

If you have fixed furniture you could look to change the upholstery for a light colour with some texture. Avoid block colours but instead add an accent of colour and texture.

7. Fabrics and curtains

Fabrics in the shape of curtains and seating can make a dramatic change to the interior design of your static caravan or lodge and totally transform a room.

“If you want to go for something bold, geometric patterns are very in – although it’s not to everyone’s taste,” suggested Barry. “Monochrome can also be effective.”

Willerby Mulberry curtain detail

But if you’re going bright with patterns on your curtains, go plain elsewhere and make sure the curtains match the colour on the fixed decor you already have so they don’t clash.

In the bedroom, layering your bedding with throws and cushions will spruce things up and can create that high end, boutique hotel look.

Greys and patterns_static caravan bedroom design

8. Flooring

Flooring can be difficult and expensive to change in a static caravan but rugs will help a lot in changing the feel of a living room, master bedroom or even a bathroom. Plus they’re also perfect at hiding any stains and allow you to add that pop of colour into a room.

But Barry warns owners not to make rugs too busy and avoid ones with tassels.

9. Outside your static caravan or lodge

It’s difficult to make major changes externally to the structure of your unit but making sure decking is maintained and clean will keep things looking fresh and will avoid any slips.

Decking on holiday lodge

Modern furniture can also give a good impression and pot plants will add splashes of colour.

10. Design inspiration

Before going all out to make big changes to the interior design of your static caravan, create a “look book” and consider making a mock-up of your static caravan or lodge, adding upholstery swatches and wallboard colours.

Barry advises taking inspiration from the high street or by visiting a show.

He told us how Willerby’s suppliers work closely with high street brands to see what’s popular, plus they carry out a lot of customer research with the Willerby Owners’ Club to get their feedback and make sure they’re appealing to the mass market.

And it’s clear they’re starting to turn heads with some of their new design concepts that are right on trend. Look at some of our recent model reviews or visit their website if you’re wanting some interior design inspiration.

18 comments on “Ten top interior design tips for your static caravan or lodge

  1. Great post guys. I can imagine renovating a caravan comes with its own challenges being that is a confined space. Quite rightly your advise about avoiding dark colours and opting for light is one that should seriously considered

    Keep up the good work.

    Local Interiors

    1. Hi just came across this interesting site I’ve just recently purchased a Willerby Clement caravan and would love to ,hang pictures to personalize my new caravan, but don’t know what to use to hang my pictures ect, I’m afraid of damaging the wall, any help would be much appreciated

  2. I have grey upholstery and use my favourite purple for everything – kitchenware, cushions, ornaments. This seems to keep the static open and uncluttered looking.

  3. I recently completely changed the decor in my static van, dark carpet and upholstery but light and modern fabrics and accessories. It cost £2000 but was worth it to get rid of the Atlas busy fabric and orange colour carpets. My theme is the beach and nature. Curtains with shells and starfish in living area and bees in my bedrooms.

  4. I worry about screwing into the walls especially dividing. What’s the best sized screws for caravan walls and are they too thin for rawl plugs?

    1. Hi, we bought a static caravan at the end of last years season . We have used the commander range of stick on hooks. They seem really good. Easy to put up and take down.

  5. Hi
    I’ve just brought a static and I want to create a fresh space. I thought of lemon and grey. Also the passage way from the kitchen to the bedrooms makes you feel really hemmed in. I was thinking of taking it down and so create the feeling of more space. It will be an office and there are doors off to the bathroom and bedroom

  6. I’m thinking of completely refurbishing my 2010 Willerby Salisbury and would like to remove the fixed tv unit and also move some of the kitchen wall cupboards to another wall , I would also like to change all the internal doors but can’t find anyone to do it.
    I’m down near Aberporth SA446RD

    1. Hi Donna

      I’ve just completely overhauled my Willerby Herald 2000. New wooden floors, removal of walls, removal of all fixed furniture and units, more electric outlets, removal of gas fire to electric amongst many other interior changes, have built decking externally and next year will baton, insulate and ship lap the exterior giving it a modern ‘cabin’ look as well as further insulation for better all year round use – completely revolutionised the space, feels like a whole new unit. Being experienced in home renovation I have now turned my hand to caravans and will be providing such a service if the market demands. If you would like to see photos of what I have done and discuss further, by all means drop me a line. [email protected]
      Best wishes, Julian

      1. Hi Julian I would love to see some of your photos are you down my neck of the woods, West Wales.

  7. I suffer with spinal problems and the fixed seating in my 2017 ABI Oakley is very uncomfortable. I’d like to replace it with free standing sofas but am not sure that it is possible. Has anyone done this and how did it go and any suggestions on the best way to go about it?

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