What kind of cladding does your caravan or lodge have? Vote now

Static caravans and lodges come with all kinds of external finishes and in all kinds of colours to suit your needs. In this month’s poll we want to know what kind of cladding you have on your holiday caravan or lodge.

3 colours of cladding

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6 comments on “What kind of cladding does your caravan or lodge have? Vote now

  1. When new they look solid and desirable but we find that they become subject to leakage of resin making the appearence unsightly and requiring much hard work at cost to rectify.We feel that if the timber had been kiln dried before any further treatment this problem could have been overcome.

  2. Washing the mid-green coloured caravan with car wash solution has resulted in the light green plastic rainwater pipes becoming stained with mid-green streaks which is a pain. In spite of this, the wax in the car wash does give the caravan exterior a nice shine which lasts for the season.

  3. Can anyone advise on the best way of removing and protecting against resin leakage please.

    1. I love my timber clad lodge but it also has some resin leakage so would like to know the answer as well

      1. Hi Trevor and Eleanor, we contacted a timber cladding supplier and they provided the following information.

        All uncoated and coated timber irrespective of species eventually weathers to various shades of grey when exposed out of doors. If the effect is uniform it may be described as silver grey. When wood is exposed out of doors, the surface goes through changes to its appearance and texture, these effects are mainly due to the exposure of the timber surface to sunlight and moisture. The first effect is some brown staining which is caused by extractives in the timber rising to the surface and oxidising, sunlight then photo-degrades the surface and in combination with moisture, enables fungi to flourish and turn the surface to grey or black. The degree of staining will vary according to the amount of wetting, and the duration and intensity of the moisture exposure. These effects are driven by a combination of sunlight , water, mechanical forces and heat and are characterised by one word – weathering. Even coated timbers are only given a maximum of 3-4 years before washing and re-coating should be applied, which will give longevity to the top coat on the wood.

        Just as you would not allow flooring or other surfaces in your home to accumulate dirt and dust, timber cladding requires care to keep it looking at its best.

  4. I have timber on my Pemberton Abingdon Lodge and the quality is appalling. Avoid it like the plague…

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