Who’s drained down their static caravan this winter?

Winter is around the corner and you should have drained down your static caravan or lodge for the cold season ahead.

Static caravans and lodges can be very vulnerable to the cold weather, and any residual water can easily freeze, causing pipes or taps to burst, plus an expensive repair bill for your holiday home.

If you’re using your static caravan throughout the winter and your park is still open then you’re probably not going to need to drain down (although it’s still important to take certain precautions such as turning off the water at the stopcock). But if your park is now closed and you’re not going to be heading back until Spring then you need to have drained down. Or may be you’re going to be draining down soon…?

In this month’s community poll we’d like to know if you have drained down yet?

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As part of our winter weather precautions we ask Leisuredays’ insurance policyholders to drain down their static caravan or lodge between November 1st and  March 15th if their unit is not in use.

Here’s a quick reminder:

Between 1st November – 15th March when your park is closed for winter:

  • Turn the water off at the stopcock
  • Drain down and winterise all equipment according to guidance set out in your manufacturer’s handbook

Between 1st November – 15th March when your park is open but your static caravan or lodge is unoccupied:

  • Turn the water off at the stopcock
  • Turn on all taps and the shower to let all water out
  • Flush toilets, making sure all water is drained from the cistern

It’s also worth making sure exposed pipework is properly lagged, adding a small amount of antifreeze or salt to the toilet, sink, bath and shower traps and leaving leaving external water drainage plugs open.

So tell us if you have drained down yet. Vote in our poll today!

8 comments on “Who’s drained down their static caravan this winter?

  1. Hello this might sound a daft question but can you help me.

    my park is still open but I will be going on holiday for a week and will turn off the water and drain the taps but will I have to turn off the hot water on the combi boiler before I turn the water off as If I turn on hot water tap to drain the boiler will kick in.

    1. Hi Carol, it’s recommended to turn off the boiler when draining down the plumbing system. There should be four drain off points under the boiler. The two outer drain taps are for the central heating – do not open these taps. The two centre brass drain off points are the hot and cold points to the boiler/plumbing system and these do need opening to drain the hot and cold water.

  2. Please note that if thermostatic showers or taps are turned on, this will not allow air into the pipes to replace the water, to do this it is a simple task of releasing the connection nuts on entry to the tap or shower, if the drain valves are open you will hear the “hissing” of the air getting in via the nut. Job done.
    Yours , a caring plumber

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