Your votes reveal how important the manufacturer is when choosing your holiday unit

In our last community poll we asked how important the brand or make of your static caravan or lodge was when choosing your unit.

Community Poll

Each year, holiday caravan manufacturers spend thousands promoting their units to prospective buyers at shows, park open days, advertising and online. Plus we bring you scores of model reviews each year from different brands. But is the make of a caravan important to you?

There were just four categories to choose from, in order of importance, and after counting up the votes, we can now reveal the results…

Let’s take a look how you voted…

The majority, with more than half of the votes (57%) thought the make was really important with 21% opting for “extremely important” and 36% “very important”.
LD Poll Result May 2016 (550px)

But almost a quarter got in touch to tell us that you did not think it was important at all.

If the make of the caravan isn’t important what is your number one priority?

What do you make of the results?

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3 comments on “Your votes reveal how important the manufacturer is when choosing your holiday unit

  1. I’m amazed that so few think that make of unit is important. Units are presented to look stunning but that’s “window dressing” what you can’t see is far more important so who the maker is is far more important.

  2. i bought an ABI HORIZON in March 2016 for £30,125 it is now on sale as caravan of the month at £28,750 for June 2016. Sales team said it is just your luck when choosing a caravan at any time of the year. I feel as if I have been ripped off.

    1. Sorry to hear that Alex. We guess it’s a chance you take when buying anything. It may be with 2017 models on the horizon, manufacturers are offering incentives to parks so they can sell 2016 stock quickly…?

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