A guide to spotting damp in your static caravan

Feeling damp?

It’s the one thing every holiday caravan owner dreads – the smell and sight of damp!

Over the winter months, when there’s less air circulating through your caravan and you’re less likely to be spending as much time in your unit with the heating on, unfortunately, it can be an opportunity for damp to grow and spread.

And if left alone for long enough, damp and mould can cause considerable damage to your holiday caravan as well as health issues for some people.

Recognising damp

It’s easy to spot the early signs.

caravan damp

Telltale signs include a musty smell inside the caravan, black marks and staining on walls, particularly around windows and doors and walls, which are soft to the touch or where the paints peels off.

An electronic damp meter will also give you a damp reading so you can call in the experts to treat it if it’s high.

caravan damp check

Prevention is always better than cure so here’s our guide on preventing damp in your static caravan.

Keep things spick and span

Start by cleaning your caravan regularly. Not only will it also help to keep vermin at bay it will also prolong the life of your soft furnishings and fixtures and fittings.

Cleaning caravan

Use anti-bacterial cleaners before you head off home for the winter and make sure all surfaces are dry.

Check your seals

Regularly check your seams and seals to make sure there’s no damage and they’re not letting in any water or moisture.

static caravan cleaning

Pay particular attention to the roof, windows, doors and skylights checking for any cracks, loose or missing sealant. Water ingress caused by wear and tear to seams and seals will not be covered by your static caravan insurance and will only spread if left untreated.

Also, check your air vents are clear so air can always flow through your caravan.

Let the air flow

Try to visit your static in the winter months to open it up for a little while and let some air circulate through it. Wipe away any build-up of condensation on windows and walls, and also check inside cupboards for any signs of damp and treat if necessary. When you’re staying in your caravan, avoid moisture building up by opening windows when cooking, and showering.

Soak it up

To soak up moisture in the air, place bowls of dehumidifier crystals around the caravan, or use moisture traps to try to reduce damp. We’ve even heard of caravanners who also use cat litter! It’s also worth checking these if possible through the winter to see if they need emptying/refilling.

damp moisture trap

Treating damp

Remove mould and mildew by wiping with a damp cloth and using an anti-mould cleaner. Dry thoroughly and then spray with clove oil mixed with water. Leave for 20 minutes and then wipe dry.

Call in the experts

If you have got a severe problem with damp in your caravan or you spot damage to your seals then it’s best to get this checked out professionally and have any damage repaired quickly. Speak to your park operator for advice on your best course of action and approved tradesmen.

Over to you…

Have you experienced damp in your holiday caravan or got any tips to share to avoid damp? Feel free to share in the comments box below.

6 comments on “A guide to spotting damp in your static caravan

  1. Old fashioned and inexpensive remedies are excellent for keeping your home damp free.
    Place a couple of old soup bowls containing half a tea cup of table salt in various rooms throughout your home, I would suggest that you place one on the floor of your toilet first, followed by each bedroom and the lounge.
    I have used a couple of cheap plant pot bases which are ideal for this inexpensive solution to keeping your home damp free, and you’ll be amazed at the amount of water the table salt actually extracts.

  2. Yes agree with Dave. We put salt in old ice-cream or margarine containers dotted around the van which catch the damp. We have also put a high/low thermometer in which tells us how cold it gets in there. it’s never reached freezing but it gets very cold!

    1. Its all so worth looking under the caravan at each corner, for any damp patches on floor of the caravan if floor is darker in corners than the rest of the wood, it might be leaking in via side seals or gutters,
      Plus clean your gutters out,

  3. When having quote for new carpet in my static caravan the fitter found a wet patch under the carpet some 3 inches from the window and wall in the bedroom. There was no damp around the edge of the wall and radiator was not leaking. Not sure if any of my guests tipped anything on the carpet but was wondering if that is not the case could this be damp?

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