Poll results reveal DIY drain down!

It was great to see lots of static caravanners have drained down their holiday caravan for the winter.

Last month we asked how you had drained down your holiday caravan, and it was pleasing to see that 95 per cent of our 300+ voters had already done it.

The results…


Our latest poll results also revealed that almost half – 44 per cent of voters – had carried out the all-important drain down themselves.

A third of voters had their draining down arranged by their park owner and 18 per cent had called in the experts.

Only six caravan owners planned to use their caravan all winter and only three people didn’t know how to drain down or what’s involved. A further three caravanners didn’t plan to drain down at all.

Our winter weather precautions remind our policyholders to drain down between November 1st and March 15th to make sure their insurance cover for their static caravan or lodge remains valid. This is because holiday caravans are less insulated than houses and residual water can easily freeze, causing pipes or burst and water to escape and cause damage.

As well as draining down, other steps to take to avoid winter damage include lagging any exposed pipes and adding a small amount of anti-freeze to the toilet, sink, bath and shower traps. Moisture absorbing crystals in pots around the caravan will also help to reduce damp and removing all food will help to keep vermin away.

Find out more about our Defaqto 5 star rated insurance cover for static caravans and holiday lodges by clicking here.

3 comments on “Poll results reveal DIY drain down!

  1. In order to empty the pipework properly I used a Floe product from http://keepfloeing.com
    With water supply regulations requiring non return valves now a days to prevent supply contamination it is impossible to simply open the pipework and allow darinage. It will drain water from most areas except the shower valves since I understand they have anti-syphon valves in them. If frost damage occurs the repair is expensive.
    The floe device is a tire valve into which you pump air from a standard tire pump. Open each tap until air but no water comes out and you can be more sure of empty pipework and faucets. When the warmer weather returns I will modify my water inlet to place a drain tap, and add a washing machine tap to accept the floe valve and in future the procedure for drain down will be very simple each winter. Removing and reasembling pipes is a bit hit and miss unless you are a plumber.

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