Ten static caravan and lodge security tips

As we get closer to winter and some holiday parks are starting to close down, it’s time to start thinking about securing your static caravan or lodge to deter any thieves.

When your park is closed, the risk of a break-in at your holiday caravan can increase. We saw more theft claims during the winter months in 2017 and 2018 compared to the spring, summer and autumn seasons, so it’s important at this time of year to take some extra steps to protect your property.

The most common items stolen from holiday caravans are televisions, so it’s a good idea to remove them when your park is closed. It might seem an inconvenience but the damage caused by thieves breaking can run into thousands of pounds, as well as the heartache it causes.

Here’s our 10 winter security tips for your static caravan or holiday lodge.

  1. Remove all TVs and any other valuables.

Regal Artisan Lounge TV and Storage

Then why not print our ‘Valuables removed poster to display in your caravan’s front window?

2. Leave curtains and cupboards open to show any would-be thief that you’ve removed valuable items and your holiday caravan is empty

3. Securely lock all doors, windows and any skylights

ABI Beaumont Side Windows

4. Remove any valuable items from the decking, such as barbecues, and if possible remove dining furniture and lock in an outdoor storage shed.


5. Use strong padlocks on any outdoor storage sheds or boxes and remove any valuable equipment, like bikes.

6. Consider fitting a GSM alarm which will message your phone if triggered when you’re not present. Or think about hooking up to a monitored alarm system (such as Ramtech) where your park operator is alerted if there is a break-in. These alarms may have door and window sensors or PIR motion sensors to pick up any untoward activity in your caravan or lodge. Similarly consider fitting a security camera inside your caravan where you get an alert to your smartphone.


7. Ask your park operator if they have a park watch scheme that might give you extra security tips and might encourage owners to look out for one another. Likewise, owners on your park may have set up a Facebook group where any suspicious activity or signs of damage can be shared.  Even if your park closes for a period, it’s likely owners be allowed to visit their caravans during the daytime so they could post anything of concern.

8. Use a UV pen to property mark items left in your holiday caravan and register all your property at immobilise.com

9. A top caravan security tip from Lincolnshire Police is to leave a sheet of paper inside doorways when you lock up. They say “footprints on the paper can be used to help trace offenders”.

10. Finally, make sure you have renewed your static caravan or lodge insurance so you’re protected against theft and storm damage throughout the winter.

Over to you…

Got any caravan security tips to share with other owners? Or has your static caravan or lodge ever been targeted by thieves? Share your top tips or experiences in the comments box below.

Are you covered for theft? Why not get an insurance quote for your static caravan or lodge.

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